Question of the Day: When Are You Most Productive?

QOTD:  When Are You Most Productive
source: ShaZ Ni *Fotogurafiku

I love the early morning hours because I find that I get so much more done at the start of the day while everyone else is still sleeping. I usually hit a midday slump where I need coffee in order to be productive at all, and by the time my girls go to bed, I’m often just useless. Knowing this about myself, I try to schedule my days so that I can get up by 5am to get a good start to the day, although that’s easier said than done on days when the toddler wakes up several times in the middle of the night!

So today, I want to know…

What time of the day are you most productive?

Are you a morning person or do you “come alive” after the sun goes down?

How about the other members of your family, are their productivity times the same as yours?

What daily tasks have you had to rearrange so that you get them done during your productive hours?

If you could order your day around your most productive times, what would your day look like?

Looking forward to reading your answers!