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Quick Tip: Pick a Date for an Annual Insurance Review

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Even if you’re happy with your insurance policies, it’s a good idea to review them periodically and get quotes from competing companies. Rather than doing this just whenever you happen to think about it, pick a date — such as the third week in October or the first weekend in March — and add it to your calendar. If you use an electronic calendar, set it up to recur annually, or if you use a paper calendar, add it to the new one each year when you add birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates.

Be sure to review all of your policies seen at Garrity Insurance, — including car, home/renter’s, personal liability, disability, and other supplemental insurance — at the same time because you may find additional discounts by moving two types of insurance to a single company. If you want to include your health insurance and you’re part of a group plan, schedule your annual review during the open enrollment period for your plan since some changes can only be made during that time.

Things to consider as part of your review:

  • Coverage, limits & deductibles
  • New family members or beneficiaries
  • Changes to your property or vehicle
  • Features that might lower your premium (an alarm system, for example)

Do you regularly review your insurance policies?