Quick Tip: Take It Out of the Package

take it out of the package
before...and after

Decluttering your home often means getting rid of things so that there’s less stuff taking up space physically. But sometimes, it’s not the amount of stuff you have but the way it’s organized.

One of the easiest ways to declutter visually, especially inside cabinets, closets, drawers, etc. is by taking things out of their packages.

An unopened package of toilet paper looks okay, but once you open it and start pulling out rolls, it doesn’t take long before it starts to feel cluttered. Throw the extra packaging away and stack them neatly, and you’ve instantly transformed the area into a decluttered, neat space.

Similarly, consider using a basket for individual snacks. Rather than keeping multiple boxes, empty the boxes right into a basket or container (we use a big smiley face tin we received as a gift several years ago). It’s easier to see how much you have, and you save space and visual clutter.

Whether in your bathroom, home office, laundry room or pantry, eliminating extra packaging is a surefire way to streamline and declutter the space!

Have you see this principle at work in your own home? Do you have any examples of where it doesn’t work?