Quick Tip: Utilize Your Top Shelf

The following post is from Alexis Anne of  Clean Smart Simple Style:

source: Monica's Dad

If I had more storage space, my house would be spotless.

At least, that’s what I tell myself!  Things don’t sit out because I’m lazy, they sit out because I just don’t have room to put them away. Right?

Sound familiar?

It’s true that most of my cupboards and closets are full. But one day when I was searching for a place to put a new set of towels, I realized that my closet was really only half full of things I actually used. I hadn’t actually touched anything on the top shelf in the better part of a year.

Unless you’re REALLY tall, I’d be willing to bet that almost every cupboard, closet, or cabinet in your house functions in a similar way: the stuff on the top shelf is the stuff that gets used the least.

The top shelf.

Take a look at any grocery or mass retail store- the most common products are eye level, the junk food they want your kids to grab and sneak into the cart is at the bottom, and the only things on the highest shelves are uncommon items or duplicates of things available down below.

Even without the ulterior motive of selling more stuff, most of us set up our houses the same way because it just makes sense!

Favorite coffee mugs are eye level, but the broken smoothie maker and random mixer attachments that you don’t know how to use are on the top shelf.

Everyday cooking staples are at eye level, but expired salad dressing duplicates get left on the top shelf.

Guest towels and your favorite sheets are at eye level, but the twin sized sheets {in a house is full of queen sized beds} get shoved to the top shelf.

And the back corner of the highest shelf? Who knows what might be hiding up there!

source: Clean Smart Simple Style

The stuff that lives on the top shelf is stuff that might have been valuable at one time, or stuff we might need again some day. It’s stuff that we keep around because we’re afraid to throw it out.

Start a purge party.

If you are struggling to find a way to put everything away at the end of the day — the top shelf might be the easiest place to start your purge party. If you can’t remember the last time that you used something, you probably won’t even notice that it’s gone!

At the very least, consider moving the items you use only once a year to the attic, the basement, or other less valuable real-estate.

Even though most of us don’t use our top shelves very often, most of us CAN actually reach them, and if they were filled with things we needed, we probably wouldn’t mind standing on our tiptoes once in awhile.

The answer isn’t always more storage, it’s just more efficient use of storage. So stand on your tippy toes and see how you can make your top shelf work a little better for you!

Do you know what’s on your top shelf?

Alexis Anne keeps busy in Philadelphia, PA as a wife, mother, blogger, fitness instructor, and more. She loves to organize, decorate, and inspire others to make the most of their homes by finding the balance between simple and simply fabulous. She blogs regularly about all of the above at Clean Smart Simple Style.