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Raising Digital Families in the 21st Century

Raising Digital Families for Dummies

We try to live a fairly simple, old fashioned life in many ways. We’re a one-car family; we mostly avoid disposable products in our kitchen; we believe kids need hours to roam outside and play and, yes, be bored.

But…I also make my living on the internet, the girls love being able to text and FaceTime their grandparents from the iPod, and Teaching Textbooks (a digital math curriculum) has saved our sanity this year.

Navigating the digital world is tricky enough for an adult, and with children steadily marching toward the pre-teen and teen years, I spend a lot of time thinking about the rules and boundaries we’ll put into place as they get older.

The truth is that even though I’m fairly immersed in the online and social media world myself, the rules and pitfalls and, unfortunately, dangers for children and teenagers are an entirely different issue altogether.

Thankfully, my good friend, Amy Lupold Bair, has written the guide for parents for raising digital families — Raising Digital Families for Dummies. She spent hours and hours and hours researching and writing a handbook that is full of practical information and commonsense wisdom.

With information on monitoring programs for computers and mobile devices, advice for dealing with cyberbullies, tips for children who want to blog and templates for developing a digital family policy, this book is a must-have for any family that uses technology in this day and age!

Disclosure: Amy is a personal friend, I received a complimentary copy of this book and the links above are affiliate links. But I really do believe this book is an important read for today’s families, and all opinions above are 100% mine!