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Separating Mommy time from work time

The following post is from Katie of Making This Home and Gadanke:

Separating Mommy time from work time

The worst thing about being a work at home mom is focus. You won’t have much if you’re trying to juggle children, housework, and work all at once.

Not too long ago, my infant son and I were both a little stir crazy from being in the house all morning. I kept telling myself, “I have to do this. And this. And this before we can have fun.”

My husband, Martin, came in as I was editing a few magazine pitches for the Gadanke Christmas journal. “Stop trying to work!” he told me. “Go outside with our son. Have fun!”

He was right. My attempts to multitask weren’t fair to my family or my storycatching customers. I bet you can relate!

I turned off the computer and scooped up my son. We laid a beach towel in the grass beneath an aspen tree. We gathered sticks, he grasped pinecones, we tickled the trees’ trunks with our fingers. (And I didn’t bring a smart phone or iPad.) And you know what the result was?

  1. We were both happier and refreshed.
  2. I didn’t get any more or any less done.

I mean, really. Sometimes it’s near impossible to work when your children are around. Why try to squeeze both events together?

I started making plans for a little childcare the next day. There are plenty of options – a nanny, play dates and kid swaps with friends, sharing a nanny with a friend, daycare, day camps, taking turns with your spouse. By separating Mommy time and work time, you can get quality, efficient work done when you work. And you can tickle the trunk of the tree and be truly present as you enjoy yourself and your most important job: being a mommy.

It’s always a juggle. I don’t want my son to feel like it, though!

How do you balance motherhood and work?

Katie Clemons is a storycatcher and journal crafter. She helps people celebrate their stories with her award-winning writing prompt journals at Gadanke. She also blogs at Making This Home about simple, handmade living from a vintage airplane hangar in Montana.