Pioneering Today

Are you tired of the commercialism surrounding Christmas?

Do you struggle with finding gifts for everyone at an affordable price?

Do you want to simplify your Christmas season this year?

In Pioneering Today: A Homemade Christmas, Melissa shares how to get back to the true meaning of Christmas, tips for homemade baked goods when you’re stretched for time, homemade affordable gifts people will use and like, and how to give the gift of yourself to your loved ones with special planned activities. With over 36 recipes, homemade gift ideas and decor, you’ll experience a simple Christmas with the joy the season was intended.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Prep for the busy baking season
  • Bake from scratch dishes that are easy, delicious, and contain wholesome traditional ingredients
  • Ideas to decorate your home with simple on hand items
  • Homemade gifts people will love and use
  • Ways to reconnect with your loved ones
  • One special way to see Jesus working in your life all year long

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“Melissa K. Norris has penned a wonderful guide to approaching the Christmas season with a full heart, seeking out meaningful simplicity, and ways to create personalized gifts and traditions for everyone you’re wanting to bless this season.

The projects and recipes you’ll find here are sure to send you straight to your kitchen to whip up something delicious. Melissa’s heart to inspire others comes through on every page. This book is a steal; you’ll get more than your money’s worth, and, if you’re like me, you’re sure to re-visit the book many times for ideas.”


. . . . . . . . .

“I really liked this book. Melissa has a writing style that makes the projects and recipes in this book so easy to follow. Worth getting to have in your library.”

~Beverly A. Dixon