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Amanda White | Oh Amanda


eBook Information:

ebook: Truth in the Tinsel

date published: November 25, 2011

copies sold: 15,000+


Social Media:


Case Study:

What inspired you to write Truth in the Tinsel?
Truth in the Tinsel is part craft book, part devotional book. It was the result of wanting to do something really meaningful with my preschool daughter during December. I wanted her to know the Christmas Story from the Bible—but understand it on her level in a fun way. The activities in the ebook are the result of three years of making up crafts and devotions for her. I think that’s part of the book’s success–it’s organic and true.
How does having a very seasonal ebook affect the way you promote it?
I think a holiday book is a win-win. Here’s a few reasons:

1. People are in the mood to spend money around Christmas. They have an urgency to buy. If you have a learn-to-make-fabulous-bread book, someone might look at it and say, “Oh, I’ll buy that…one day.” But when it’s November 30th and they see a Christmas book? They buy it right away!

2. Promotion is more organic. I don’t have to do a lot of “look at this!” because even non-bloggers and folks minimally involved with social media tend to update and link to Christmas products. It’s a very shareable theme/book–even to people who are non-technical.

3. Once you get some bloggers and readers behind your book, they will all be sharing about it at the same time. Potential buyers will see your book more in a short amount of time than they would with a non-seasonal book. They’ll be saying, “I’ve been seeing this everywhere!”

4. You only have to worry about it a few months out of the year! You can spend months ignoring it…er, I mean, planning for next year and recuperating from the craziness that happens during those months.

Not only does Truth in the Tinsel have its own website, but you have a pretty strong Facebook community as well. Why did you decide to separate those things from your main blog/Facebook page?
Part of it is just because I had no idea what I was doing! In hindsight, I wish the Truth in the Tinsel blog was somehow more connected to my blog.  That way, if/when I have other ebooks, I could do a store with all of them together and be able cross-promote. (That may come one day soon, anyway!) Also, that blog gets a lot of traffic during the holidays!

The Facebook page was intentional. I launched Truth in the Tinsel as a challenge. The book is an Advent book with activities for 24 days in December. So, I wanted families to buy the book and then update their adventures on the FB page. I hoped the FB page would be a little community where we could all gather together to share our experiences–and keep doing the book for the entire month!  People update pictures, ask questions and give advice. Which in turn, gets Truth in the Tinsel talked about on FB a lot.  That Facebook page is amazing and makes me smile every day in December. 🙂

(This would work well for any of those “31 Days to…” books or any idea that has definite steps. Turn your book into a challenge so people have to buy it by a certain day and are updating about it on their FB page for an entire month.)

You work pretty closely with affiliates in the promotion of the ebook. How big of a role do affiliates play in your sales?
Affiliates rock my socks off. I cannot imagine doing it without them. Not only do they bring in most of my sales, they are so encouraging! I know many of them are promoting b/c they want to make money. But they are also so positive and make me feel like, “Hey, this really is a good book!”
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