Simple Menu Plans: Week of 3/30

When it comes to menu planning, I prefer to just make a list of meal ideas for the week (and I always include breakfast and lunch as well) and then grocery shop according to the list without specific days in mind. I appreciate the flexibility that this system gives me, but I’ll admit it has its flaws as well!

Here is our meal plan for this week:


::with apples and raisins
::with bananas and honey
with apple filling (I used the egg-free recipe only because I was out of eggs!)
Cereal (x2)
Yogurt parfaits

Tastykake donuts
& fruit (Saturday morning tradition)


Peanut butter, banana & honey sandwiches
Noodles with parmesan cheese and veggies or fruit (x2)
Ham & cheese roll-ups with salad
Chicken noodle soup (from my mom!)


Bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin with oven-baked fries and zucchini/squash
Chicken parmesan with angel hair pasta and salad
Omelets with bacon
Easy taco casserole
Pizza and salad

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This week at Organizing Your Way, we’ll be talking about all things menu-planning and finding a system that works best for you.