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101 Days of Christmas: Stove-Top Potpourri

Stove-Top Potpourri {101 Days of Christmas at}

When I was little, my grandmother would often keep this stove-top potpourri simmering in her Corningware teapot or a small crockpot in her kitchen. It smelled so delicious and always made it feel so homey, and I couldn’t wait to add it to this year’s collection of projects.

MawMaw actually used dried orange peels for her potpourri, and either works — collect orange peels as you use them and, once they’re dried, save them in a jar or other container just for this purpose or cut a few slices of a fresh orange and add them to your saucepan.

This would also make a nice gift as well. Simply add the dried orange peels and spices to a cellophane bag, tie with a ribbon and share with friends and family so that they’re homes can smell deliciously of the holidays as well!


  • 3-4 orange slices or a handful of fresh or dried orange peels
  • 1-2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 teaspoon whole cloves


Fill a small saucepan, teapot or crockpot with water and add potpourri ingredients, heating the water to bring it to a low simmer.

Refill the water as needed.

Reuse the same potpourri over 2-3 days, covering it when not in use.


  • Substitute ground cinnamon and cloves for the whole version.
  • Use additional holiday spices — nutmeg, allspice, etc.
  • Add a whole vanilla bean or a teaspoon vanilla extract.

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