Teaching Children to Fight Clutter

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source: zcreem

Yesterday I had the privilege of guest posting over at Unclutterer with some tips for teaching children to fight clutter from an early age. There’s already been some great discussion in the comments, and I’d love if you’d pop over and add your thoughts!

Last night, I thought of another one that I’d add to the list. This might seem trite, but I refuse to buy my children any clothing with a “give me” slogan on them. Oh, I stop and laugh and think how cute they’d look in one of Old Navy’s signature graphic tees with “All mine!” or “Peace, Love and Presents” on the front, but I don’t think I can teach them that Christmas isn’t all about the gifts or that we don’t want to just accumulate more and more stuff if I’m buying them clothes with those phrases, so I resist.

What other things do you do — or not do — to teach your children to fight clutter?