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The Philosophy Behind Organizing Your Way

Embrace Your Organizational Style
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This blog originally launched as Organizing Your Way in December of 2008. Although we’ve expanded the number of topics we cover, my philosophy has stayed the same, and I think it applies to more than just organizing your home.

To put it lightly, I am a type-A, structured, organized person by nature.

I believe that everything has a place, and that’s where it should be kept, and I like my house to be neat and clean and orderly for the most part. People who don’t share these traits might think that my life sounds stressful and that I waste time cleaning and organizing and straightening like a mad woman. But I’m really not obsessed with it, and I’m able to relax my standards when needed. For the most part, I just stay on top of it, so it never becomes stressful. For me, it works.

My husband is very particular about the way our home looks but not nearly as structured as I am. To him, straightening up means putting things where they can’t be seen. As long as things are uncluttered visually, he’s not so worried about whether they’re neat or organized in their hiding spot. For him, it works.

We’re All Different

I first noticed this paradox when I was in high school. My mom, my step-dad and I were all very type-A. Unfortunately, none of us were type-A in the same areas, which meant we drove each other nuts with our different habits because we never seemed to be aware of the same things, and I would inevitably mess up something my mom had organized her way or vice versa.

Of course, there’s a lesson to be learned in dealing with a spouse, roommate or family member who has different standards than you, but I’m sharing this to illustrate the whole philosophy behind Organizing Your Way.

Embracing Your Organizing Style

Each of us have different priorities, preferences, lifestyles and needs. The fact that I don’t have a junk drawer may seem totally ridiculous to you, and the fact that you toss your socks into your drawer without pairing them may seem ridiculous to the next person. But the goal here at Organizing Your Way is never to make you feel like you need to meet some unwritten rule or standard of Organizing 101.

If you’re frustrated by your current system, then yeah, let’s tackle it and find one that works better for you. But if letting the laundry pile up and then tackling it all in one day is working for your family, stop feeling guilty and embrace your system!

What unusual organizing habits or methods do you have? Do you ever fall into the trap of feeling guilty for not meeting someone else’s standard?