The State of the Blog: August 2011

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Each month I give an update on things here at Life Your Way as a way to give readers and other bloggers a peek behind the scenes.

In many ways, September feels like the start of the “new year” to me (and I suspect I’m not alone given the number of organizing posts you see across the blogosphere each fall), and this month I’m going to do the state of the blog post a little bit different to share what we’re working on for Life Your Way as September approaches.

You may have noticed that things have been quieter here for the past few weeks as I’ve reduced the number of posts per day temporarily so that I could focus on several big projects for the fall. I am so very excited about what’s coming up, and I hope you will be as well!

Here’s a taste:

Anniversary Celebration

In some ways it seems like it’s been much longer, and in others it seems like it was just yesterday, but Life Your Way launched last September, on Labor Day, and we’re quickly approaching our one-year anniversary. (Coincidentally, I launched Jungle Deals & Steals on July 4th of this year. I actually love holiday launches because it’s a great “soft launch” with less visitors around so that you can work any kinks out behind the scenes!)

As we celebrate our anniversary this Labor Day, we’ll have a week-long celebration with a scavenger hunt, quizzes, prizes and more. Because we’ll be rolling out some new site features as well (more on those to come), it will be a great way for you to discover all that the site has to offer while also having fun and winning some great stuff!

101 Days of Christmas

Christmas may not be on your radar yet, but we’re in full Christmas planning mode behind the scenes as we prepare for an incredible 101 Days of Christmas series with DIY projects, recipes, inspiration and more. That all kicks off on September 15th on the Christmas channel, and it’s going to be fabulous!

(If you’re a business — large or small — who would like more information about sponsoring the 101 Days of Christmas series, please email Terry Newsom, our ad manager and my mom, at [email protected])

The e-Book Club

My first ebook, How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too, has gotten a lot of great feedback, but one thing I’ve found lacking is the ability to interact with the people who’ve purchased it — to hear about their dreams, get their feedback, see what this actually looks like in other women’s lives and to share even more tips with one another.

With that in mind, we’ll be launching the Life Your Way e-Book Club in September! My hope is that each month we can choose one ebook to read together with weekly discussions about the things that we’re reading. To kick it off, we’ll be launching the Kindle version of How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too and offering an amazing sale on both the Kindle and PDF version so everybody can get a copy and join in the conversation. More information on that is coming in the middle of this month!

New & Improved Galleries

Our weekly galleries are definitely one of my favorite Life Your Way features, and we’ll be rolling out a new-and-improved gallery in the coming weeks with larger pictures and more information on each featured photo. I’ve always wanted Life Your Way to be a visually inspiring site, and this is just one more way we can be just that!

Site Features

Finally, I’ve been hinting at some new site features for several months now, and we will be rolling those out throughout August. Look for new quick tips in the sidebars, dropdown category menus for each channel, an easier to navigate listing of printables and more ways to connect with me and Life Your Way across the internet.

Thank you all so much for being part of the Life Your Way community. I’m so excited for fall and looking forward to what’s to come!