The State of the Blog: January 2011

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state of the blog
I’m starting a new monthly series here are Blogging Your Way to review “the state of the blog” each month, and I thought I’d kick it off with a full year review and my goals for 2011:

Top Referrers

I am so thankful for the role that each of these bloggers  (and dozens of others!) have played in Life Your Way’s success. I love collaborating and working with other bloggers, and I’m honored that this list of blogging rockstars considers Life Your Way to be link worthy!

  • Zen Family Habits


2010 was a huge year for the site. It started with my 31-day series in January at Organizing Your Way and culminated in the launch of Life Your Way in September:

January 1-31, 2010 :: More Than Resolutions series

September 6, 2010 :: Life Your Way launches


  • January 1, 2010: 2,695
  • December 31, 2010: 8,345

Average Pageviews:

  • Organizing Your Way: 65-75,000/month
  • Life Your Way: 200-250,000/month

New Opportunities

I’m excited about the opportunities to grow and expand in 2011:

  • Site Editor: This month, Andrea from Simple Organized Living and Farmhouse Love will be joining the Life Your Way team as the site editor. She’ll be reviewing contributor posts, working with guest posters, focusing on SEO and more.
  • Book: The manuscript for the book I’m writing with Tara at Deal Seeking Mom is due March 7th. I’m excited to see what doors that opens, for me personally as a writer as well as for Life Your Way as a whole.
  • Collaboration: As I mentioned, one of my favorite things about blogging is collaborating with other bloggers. In 2011, I hope to do this more, with more galleries, more free ebooks and more guest posting opportunities. (Read to the end if you’d like more information about being involved in any of those!)
  • More Channels: As the site has grown, it’s become obvious to me that there are several channels missing, most notably health, beauty & fashion, fatherhood and travel. I won’t be able to tackle this expansion (which will really be more of a reorganization because the navbar is full) until the second half of the year, though.


I’m a firm believer in the power of concrete, written goals and having a vision for any project. In future updates, I’ll be focusing on monthly goals, but for now, here are my 2011 goals for Life Your Way:

  • Financial: Right now, the revenue from Life Your Way is used to pay our contributors, my assistant and the site editor. I actually earn very little because I believe it’s important to properly compensate the people who work with me first. However, in 2011, I hope to see both ad network and private ad sales grow.  I’d like to continue to increase contributor pay and also bring someone on to handle social media for the network as well as, you know, earn a profit.
  • Multimedia Content: My original goal was to include lots of vlogs and podcasts alongside the regular content and posts. I had to back away from that some as I tried to balance everything that comes with running a blog network, but I’d like to increase the amount of multimedia content across the site again in 2011.
  • Expansion & Redesign: In mid- to late-2011, I’d like to redesign the network to include an expanding navbar with more options and direct links to specific sections of the site. As I mentioned, I also want to reorganize some of the channels so that I can add the new ones without it feeling cluttered or overwhelming. Along with this, I have some ideas for a custom ezine page that would better highlight the content across the network.
  • Shop Your Way: I’d like finally get the Shop Your Way store open, although this is a mid- to late-2011 goal as well.

All in all, I’m excited about the future and looking forward to discovering what 2011 holds!

If you’d like to guest post on Life Your Way in 2011 or learn more about being part of future ebooks and other collaborative opportunities, please email [email protected].