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The State of the Blog: July 2011

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Each month here at Blogging Your Way, we review “the state of the blog” to give you a peek behind the scenes.

Top Referrers

Life Your Way wouldn’t be what it is today without the support and generosity of other bloggers — big and small — in sharing Life Your Way with their readers. Thank you all so much!

Pinterest continues to grow as one of Life Your Way’s top referrers. That makes me happy because it’s the social media site I like the most, and it’s been fun to connect with readers and other bloggers (I can be found under Life Your Way, of course!) in a different setting. So a huge thank you for taking the time to share Life Your Way with friends and family not just through Pinterest but the other social bookmarking sites as well!

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Stats. Although stats aren’t everything, I do think they’re part of how we evaluate the things we’re doing as bloggers, so I’m going to share May and June’s stats side-by-side for comparison:


May: ~11,250


June: ~11,900


May: 83,032

June: 76,484



May: 303,001

June: 253,971

Bounce Rate


May: 59.05%

June: 63.93%

Number of Pages per Visit


May: 2.61

June: 2.33

Numbers were obviously down, but I’m not surprised. We didn’t release a new free ebook or do any big campaigns in June, and with the start of summer, readers are off spending time with their family rather than sitting behind their computers…as it should be!

New Opportunities

I’m in planning stages for a few series for the fall and early 2012 that I’m really excited about. It’s been fun to put a lot of thought into future posts so early, and I think Life Your Way readers will benefit from that planning as well.


  • This month, I’m hoping to work through a lot of my site cleanup list:
    • Check and fix broken lists.
    • Design and setup a fat footer on each channel.
    • Add dropdown category menus to the navbar to make it easier to jump to a specific category from anywhere on the site.
    • Reinstall the Popular Posts images in the sidebar (which we had to take down because of a plugin issue).
  • Just last month, I promised free monthly ebooks, and then things got busy, and this month’s was one of the things I crossed off my to-do list without working on it (I’m all about working hard, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day!). Putting out more free ebooks is definitely on my list, and I’m brainstorming on ways to do that more regularly since they are quite a bit of work!

Thanks for being part of the community. Is there something you’d like to see more of here at Life Your Way? I’d love to hear your thoughts!