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The State of the Blog: June 2011

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Each month here at Blogging Your Way, we review “the state of the blog” to give you a peek behind the scenes.

Top Referrers

Life Your Way wouldn’t be what it is today without the support and generosity of other bloggers — big and small — in sharing Life Your Way with their readers. Thank you all so much!

As a side note, it’s worth mentioning that StumbleUpon, Facebook, and — starting this month — Pinterest are actually my top referrers. So a huge thank you to the readers who take the time to share Life Your Way with friends and family through these social bookmarking sites as well!

  • Simple Mom
  • Casabella Project


  • The Ultimate Blog Swap. We held the first ever Ultimate Blog Swap last week, and it was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of new bloggers, and I think it was a good experience both for the participating blogs and readers. We learned a ton in the process, so the next time we do one of these, it should be even better!
  • How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too. I’ve learned a ton about releasing, selling and promoting an ebook since How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too was released at the beginning of the month. The feedback has been really positive so far, and it’s exciting to see so many women encouraged to pursue their dreams and talking about the challenges of “having it all”!
  • Stats. Although stats aren’t everything, I do think they’re part of how we evaluate the things we’re doing as bloggers, so I’m going to share April and May’s stats side-by-side for comparison:


April: ~10,600

May: ~11,250


April: 77,863

May: 83,032



April: 284,313

May: 303,001


Bounce Rate

April: 56.98%

May: 59.05%

Number of Pages per Visit

April: 2.53

May: 2.61


New Opportunities

There’s not many “new” things in front of me right now, and I’m enjoying focusing on what we’re already doing rather than searching for the next big thing. I want to be able to relax and enjoy the summer with my family as well, so we’ll still be doing lots here at Life Your Way, but there aren’t too many new projects on the horizon at the moment!


  • Optimizing the site for readers. I won’t pretend that growing the readership of Life Your Way isn’t important to me, because it is. As the site grows, so does the income, which — ultimately — allows me to do more to make my vision for the site a reality. However, my main goal for the summer will be providing quality content, cleaning up old posts and making the site more useful for regular readers. I have a (growing) list of tweaks that I’m still working through. Nothing too major, but just little things here and there that I think will make the site easier to navigate and more useful for y’all!
  • Editorial calendar. Although I always have the coming week’s posts planned — and often written — ahead of time, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to seasonal and holiday posts. My goal is really to spend more time working on the editorial calendar in advance, and I’m already excited about some of the plans I have for the rest of 2011 since I’ve been doing this!
  • Free monthly ebooks. Putting together our free collaborative ebooks isn’t exactly easy, and in busier seasons, that’s usually been the thing I let slide. My goal for the rest of 2011 is to release one each month, and we’ve already got several of them in the works. I think you’re going to enjoy what we have planned!

Thanks for being part of the community. Is there something you’d like to see more of here at Life Your Way? I’d love to hear your thoughts!