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Things You Should Never Forget When You Host a Pajama Party for Your Child

A pajama party is the perfect way for your kids to spend time with their friends and are great if you want to celebrate an occasion such as a birthday or an achievement. As a mom, you know that a pajama party can be fun for your kids, but not so much for you. However, they can be a lot easier if you prepare accordingly and be ready to handle a house full of noisy kids. Remember to do the things below to help ensure your child’s slumber party is a smooth success. 

Guest List 

The key to an easy to pull off pajama party is to ensure that the number of children you invite will be comfortable for you to handle. Too many children in your house can get out of hand quickly and leave you overwhelmed. The same goes for too few guests, and it will not be a pajama party, rather a regular sleepover, and will not be as much fun for your child. Involve your kids in choosing the guest list a few weeks before. This will help them feel accountable for their pajama party planning.  

Plan Beforehand 

Preparation and planning are essential to pulling off a successful sleepover. It seems easy to invite a few children over without needing to go all out. That is true, but some preparation will help you not over worry or stress on the day of the pajama party. You don’t want to run out of food items or have children who will get bored because you didn’t think of entertainment options. 

Sleeping Arrangements

Scope the area that will host the pajama party. It is best to have a sleepover in a large space, like your living room to have all the children comfortably laying out. This also helps in making the sleepover feel like a camping trip for the kids. Positioned it in a way that you can pop in and check up on them at any time without being too intrusive. 

The next thing to plan ahead of time is to have plenty of sleeping stock to make sure that your child’s friends are comfortable and feeling safe in your house. This will help them not get homesick or awkward while staying over. So, make sure you have a big enough stock of sleeping bags and mattresses, blankets, pillows, and night lights in case they need them. Check that the thermostat is working efficiently, and all lightbulbs are working well. 

Bathroom Preparations 

Whether you have one family bathroom or several, know that they will be fully occupied during the pajama party. You will have extra children in your house who will be going in and out of the bathroom for many reasons. Whether to brush their teeth before bedtime, wash their hands after dinner, or even shower before bed. Before the party, make sure your plumbing works well, that your water pressure is ok. You will be having more people than usual using your bathrooms. If your house is suffering from low water pressure, make sure to address this issue and fix it before having a handful of kids running around your house. Stock your bathroom cabinets with extra toilet paper rolls, towels, extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, first aid kit, and a plunger for any emergencies. 

Lay Down Rules 

Agree on the rules with your child beforehand and then go over them when their friends arrive. It is completely ok to have some ground rules in your house; this helps you keep control of the group that will be in your house. Rules that will help you keep calm and are absolutely essential. No devices after a certain time, lights out by midnight, or another time you set, snacking at night is your call, whatever you feel will make you comfortable. Definitely, provide them with leeway to enjoy themselves, but without disrupting the rest of the household. Make sure that all the guests are clear that it’s a team effort and will be helping out during food preparation and cleaning and clearing up after themselves. When other parents know that you have rules, they will be more comfortable having their children spend the night at your house knowing you won’t let them get away with too many things. 

Pajama Party food

Food and Drinks

Plan to have plenty of food and snacks ready for the pajama party. Plan for a Pizza dinner because it will be fun for the kids and easy for you to order and avoid the hassle of preparing food for a large group. Snacks such as popcorn and fruit platters are best for snacking because they are healthy and are very easy to clean up. 

For more fun options, offer up fruit smoothies where the children can make their own mixes and make an activity out of it with different fruit mixtures and a blender. 

Keep breakfast for the next morning, a simple affair with bagels, cereal, and fruits for easy cleanup and almost no preparation time. 

Entertainment and Activities

This is the easiest part to prepare for; children at a pajama party will most likely have a lot of ways to keep themselves entertained. Have your child let you know what fun activities they wish to include on this night. This will allow you to make sure you have all the elements you need on hand. Have them pick out the board or video games with you, set them up to play truth or dare, have a jewelry making kit ready, help them build a fort, and set up a movie, or you can let them figure it out themselves. Just make sure to have enough party activities planned and set aside in case they get bored. 

Hosting a pajama party shouldn’t have to be a chaotic and overwhelming event for you. It should be fun and easy for you and for the little ones who will be spending the night. Make it stress-free with a little preparation before the night and have a defined activity plan that will make sure your child and their friends will not run out of fun things to do and still feel comfortable and happy in your home.