6 Tips for Finding Decorating Inspiration

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There are many different catalysts that compel us to decorate and redecorate our homes with both large and small touches. Seasons change, both in nature and in life. Family needs change, and styles, trends and personal taste are always evolving.  It is amazing to look back even just a few years and see the difference in what we are drawn to aesthetically.

When it is time to redecorate or update a space {even in the smallest ways}, many people struggle with determining what they really like and where to begin looking for inspiration.

Here are my top six sources for finding decorating inspiration:


In this digital media age, it is easy to forget about the inspiration trove that print magazines have been for decades. Home design and decorating magazines are available in a wide range of styles, so whether you prefer country, minimalist, vintage/flea market or traditional decor, there is a magazine just for you!

Home Design and DIY Blogs

In the last two years, home design, decorating and do-it-yourself sites have exploded in number. There are many different styles and personalities, so find several blogs that you connect with and dig up some free creativity and inspiration! A few of my favorite home blogs are Centsational Girl, The Lettered Cottage, Perfectly Imperfect and DecorChick!.

Window Shopping

Speaking of free, when I reach a creative dead end, one of the best ways I find inspiration is to get out of the house and go window shopping.  Browsing through beautifully styled shops like Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, local boutiques and craft stores often gets my creative juices flowing again.


Have you jumped on the Pinterest wagon yet?  It is a virtual pinboard where you store various ideas and inspiration.  If you are a visual person, Pinterest will give you inspiration overload for more than just decorating – crafts, recipes, room design and so much more.

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Thrift Shops

As odd as this may sound, thrift shops are one of the most incredible places to find decorating inspiration.  Vintage items, accessories, architectural elements and furniture can be found on the cheap.  Many times a fresh coat of paint will give these items new life.  The potential for repurposed and recycled home decor is at it’s finest at thrift shops!

The Side Of The Road

As if saying that finding inspiration at the thrift shop wasn’t crazy enough, I’m going to rock your world just a bit more by saying that the side of the road sometimes holds the greatest treasures.  A brand new website is committed to this phenomenon – Roadkill Rescue – where one man’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

For your next decorating project follow these six tips and you will find inspiration galore!

Where is your favorite place for finding inspiration for decorating your home?

Myra has a B.A. in Interior Design and is currently self-employed. When she’s not spending time with her little man, thrifting, creating, shopping or working on a project, Myra enjoys date nights with her husband and blogging at My Blessed Life.