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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Top Marks: Perfect Gifts from Teacher’s Pet

When it comes to gifts, Christmas can be a minefield, especially if you have a child in school. Remember the old days where each class had one teacher, and you could just buy them a chocolate orange or a bottle of plonk? Those days are long gone. These days, your child has a teacher, three Teaching Assistants, a Forest School teacher, a lovely dinner lady (or two), and a mealtime assistant that they just couldn’t survive the school dinner scrum without. Oh, and don’t forget the headteacher. Or the assistant head – or the deputy. 

Once you have worked out who’s who and tried to trim your list from 10 to 4 (max), it’s time to tackle the next hurdle: what to get? After all, it’s unlikely that the teacher would like a picture of your little angel hanging in their lounge, and it can be tricky to know who drinks, and what their favorite tipple might be, who is vegan or has allergies. With so much to consider, here are four of our favorite Christmas gifts that 99% of teachers will love. The other 1%? Well, there’s no accounting for taste!

The Tote

Teachers need to carry stuff. And we mean a lot of stuff. Homework, resources, diaries, notebooks – it is amazing the amount of stuff that teachers seem to traipse to and from school with them. So, it stands to good reason that a good, sturdy tote is a perfect gift. Particularly if it is appropriately quirky or teacher-esque. This large personalized tote is sturdy enough to hold a class’s worth of books. It is even environmentally friendly, and looks great, too. A* – go straight to the top of the class. 

The Mug

In a world of health and safety, teachers are usually banned from taking anything breakable into the playground. This means that, if they are on duty, they miss a precious cup of tea windows. Standing outside in the cold can be pretty bleak; brighten up your favorite teacher’s playtime, day, even term with a nice reusable travel mug. There are loads to choose from. You will get an extra house point if you get one that has thermal qualities to ensure that their drink stays warm for longer.

The Stationery

Teachers are famous for their love of stationery. In fact, teachers are so stationary obsessed that it is possible it’s a prerequisite for the job. Personalized pencils, quirky pencil cases, high-tech highlighters, shaped post-its, cute “well done” stickers and certificates; the list is endless, and most teachers will be delighted with any gifts of stationery.

The Perishables

Cast aside your anxiety that one of the teachers might be gluten intolerant. Buy (or even better, make) a great big box of biscuits, cakes, cookies, or chocolates. Peppermint creams are delicious, easy to make, and look amazing; just make sure that, if you have little helpers, be sure they wash their hands thoroughly before they help!

Teachers know that buying presents for every member of staff that has ever walked the playground can put huge amounts of financial and time pressures on parents. The reason that they became teachers in the first place is because they care about children, their wellbeing, and welfare. So, don’t beat yourself up; sometimes, just a few words, a handmade card, words of thanks, or the offer of help in the classroom is the best gift that you can give. 

Whatever you decide to give this year, make sure that it is in your means and won’t result in excess stress for you and your family.