You are currently viewing Updated Home Management Printables + a Special Coupon Code!

Updated Home Management Printables + a Special Coupon Code!

Home Management Notebook Printables at

When I first started offering printables here on the blog, I searched and searched for a way to make them editable so that users could enter their information and save the filled in forms on their computers, but I just couldn’t find the solution.

However, a few months ago, a very smart friend of mine showed me how to do it, and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to update all of the Life Your Way printables!

I’m excited to share that the home management notebook update is finally finished and you can now save your filled-in forms on your computer! See the full list of printables here, with more than 75 full-size printables and more than 50 in half-size for smaller planners.

All of the printables are available FREE on our site, but we also offer a convenient download pack that allows you to download all 300+ printables in just a few clicks for $7. To celebrate this major update plus the freedom that comes from getting organized, I’m offering a $1 coupon code off the purchase of a download pack between now and Independence Day. Just enter coupon code FREEDOM at checkout!

Download pack subscribers also receive a monthly email with any new printables attached so that you don’t miss any updates, and that means you’ll be the first to receive the updated 2013 Christmas planner in a couple months as well.

Click here to purchase your complete download pack today!