Using RoboForm to Organize Your Web Browsing

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Last week I asked whether you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, and that post received more responses than any other question of the day here at Organizing Your Way ever has. It seems you all are slightly passionate about your browser choices!

I promised to share the tools I use to make Firefox work even better for me, and I’m working on that post now, but first I want to share my favorite tool of all, which works in Internet Explorer or Firefox. RoboForm generates and fills passwords, manages multiple identities for autofill and can even securely save your credit card information for online shopping.

I started using RoboForm to request freebies and samples that Tara from Deal Seeking Mom would send me even before she was THE Deal Seeking Mom. With the click of a button, I can fill out all of my information to request a sample, and then I can go back and request a sample for my mom, grandma and/or sister because I have their information saved as well!

But that’s really just scratching the surface of what this program can do. You can save hundreds of passwords to enable one-click login to all of your favorite sites, and just like with identities, you can save multiple passwords for a single site, which is convenient when you have multiple Gmail addresses or blogs and want to be able to log in and out between them!

With a master password to unlock the program, a CNET 5-star rating, a random password generator, a printable list of passwords, secure encryption and more, RoboForm is always the first thing I install when I reformat my hard drive or get a new computer because it makes my life so much easier!

How do you keep track of your internet passwords?