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Visit for Gently Used Baby & Kid Products

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tradingcradles.comI’ve never really gotten into the whole Craigslist thing, mostly because it’s so big that it’s overwhelming to me to try to sort through all of the ads to find the things I really want. (This is the same reason I prefer to shop once a season for the clothes my kids need rather than watch sales, buy ahead, etc.)

However, with four little ones, I’ve bought my share of baby gear, strollers, books, toys and clothes over the last seven years. I bought a lot of stuff new with our oldest, but it didn’t take me long to realize that things don’t look brand new for very long! I wish I’d taken the time to buy used items (in good condition, of course) rather than spending the money on all new stuff.

The team behind created a marketplace just for parents to buy and sell gently used baby & kid products without having to sort through tons of other categories and listings. Like Craigslist, there are no fees for buyers or sellers, and all transactions are handled between the respective parties. But unlike Craigslist, Trading Cradles reviews all ads for appropriateness to create a family-friendly environment.

Because the site is focused specifically on baby, toddler and kid items, the items are broken up by detailed categories that make it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. You’ll find everything from used strollers to gently used baby clothes.

A couple of other things set Trading Cradles apart from other classified ad sites:

  • There is a dedicated parental team that reviews every ad to keep the site secure and safe for users. They monitor listings to be sure they’re appropriate, clear and don’t seem fishy. They also remove any items that they know to have been recalled and encourage sellers and buyers to check the current recall list before listing or purchasing any items.
  • Ads at TradingCradles are limited to 250 words. These “Twitter-like” ads make listing items quick and easy for sellers, and make it easy for buyers to quickly browse the ads to find what they’re looking for!
  • All messages are sent through their secure contact system, which keeps your email address private.

To create an ad:

1. Visit and choose your location.

2. Click on the red Post a free ad! menu item.

3. Select a category and fill in your Ad Title, Specific Location, 250-word Description, Price and Email Address and upload an image.

4. Click Preview to preview and submit your ad for review.

To browse ads:

1. Visit and choose your location.

2. Click Start Shopping on the menu.

3. Browse the latest listings or select a category from the dropdown menu.

4. Click the Contact Seller link for additional details or to arrange a purchase.

Visit today to sell or buy! You can also follow them on Facebook and on Twitter to win prizes and find amazing deals.

And at the Trading Cradles parenting blog, you’ll find everything from inspirational videos to crafts & activities for the whole family.