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Weekend reading: August 8, 2015

Garden update

From Instagram: Our first grape tomato! I had to stop myself from eating all of the ripe ones before the girls get to try them. We also have another beautiful zucchini, a few Romas and quite a few watermelon and cucumbers that are growing by the day. I think I’m hooked, y’all. I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I wish I had cleared the whole hill and planted a dozen more types of veggies!

I wouldn’t exactly say our garden is thriving, but it’s producing  enough that we excitedly trek up the back hill every couple days to see what’s new. It’s honestly a bit of a mess up there because it took off while we were away for two weeks in July, before I’d gotten tomato cages or trellises in place. I did recently trim back the watermelon and cucumber and muscle tomato cages into place (traumatizing my poor plants in the process), but the best part for me has been seeing things grow even in less-than-ideal circumstances.

My problem with gardening has always been overthinking things: “Why is this leave turning brown? Am I watering it enough? Is it getting too much sun?” This time I’ve forced myself to be laid back about it, and we’re still getting fruits and veggies, which has made it exciting rather than stressful!

Now I’m dreaming of a bigger garden next year so I can keep practicing. My hope is that after we return from our big trip, we’ll be able to plant a garden that looks just like this one on our new land. Hey, no one’s ever accused me of dreaming small. 🙂

What I’m thinking about:

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Abortion, poverty & being pro-woman

If you don’t read anything else this weekend, I’d encourage you to read this post from Ann Voskamp. A friend of mine recently asked some really good questions on Facebook about what pro-lifers are really doing to take care of the children who are not aborted and then born into devastating poverty, and I think this post does a beautiful job of bridging the gap between being pro-life and caring about women who find themselves pregnant in really, really, really hard circumstances.

This is not an easy conversation, and if we pretend that being pro-life is simply enough, we’re fooling ourselves. I’m thankful for the people on both sides of the issue who are willing to have the hard conversations.

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Have a great weekend!

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