Weekend Reading: February 2, 2013

Reading at Bedtime
source: mandiehman on Instagram

My favorite moment this week (maybe so far this year!) was the scene pictured above. The girls have finally gotten into a bedtime reading routine that doesn’t involve them jumping from bed to bed or running around like wild banshees, and they usually spending 30-45 minutes reading or crafting on their beds before lights out.

On this particular night, our 5-year-old was looking at a book when she exclaimed, “Mama, I read a word! C-A-T…cat!” Before I could respond, our oldest said, “Hey, do you want me to teach you how to read?” Next thing I know, they’re sitting on a bed together, huddled over a book, sounding out words. I’m pretty sure our 8-year-old didn’t follow any of the rules for teaching a kid to read, and chances are she was pretty bossy about it, but I hope they’ll always treasure that memory as much as I will!

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