Weekend Reading: February 23, 2013

This is the life.
source: mandiehman on Instagram

This week I’ve spent a lot of time and energy focused on my Whole30 challenge — trying new recipes, preparing a ton more veggies than I normally do and just thinking about my food choices more in general, and I didn’t take nearly as many pictures of the girls as I normally do.

However, one of the side benefits of the challenge is that I’m now sitting at the kitchen table for most of my meals, instead of working at my computer through breakfast and lunch. It was during one of my early lunches, while the girls were still waiting for Daddy to finish theirs, that I captured this shot of them watching TV. Truthfully, it makes my heart all kinds of happy — from the bright family room that is my favorite part of our home to the simplicity of this daily routine to the way their positions capture their various personalities.

Life is good!

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Have a great weekend!