Weekend Reading: July 27, 2013

Playing in the Button Box

We don’t have a ton of antiques or family heirlooms in our home, although this little “corner” of our house (it’s actually right in the middle) holds most of what we do have — a piano that’s been passed down through 5 generations, a large painting that we were given after Sean’s grandmother passed away, and my favorite: the button box.

The button box belonged to my maternal great-grandmother (who has also generously shared her fiery Italian spirit with all of the women in our family) and it’s been played with by every generation, starting with my grandmother. With hundreds of buttons in various shapes, colors and sizes, it’s fun for sorting, stringing or just running your fingers through, and it’s our almost-four-year-old’s current obsession. Over the past couple of weeks, she’s spent hours and hours sorting through them, looking for the “aqua” ones and then dumping her collection back out again.

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Have a great weekend!