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Weekend reading: July 9, 2016

Eating a nectarine

From Instagram:He may get his love of vacuums from Daddy, but he gets his love of nectarines from his Mama!

It’s been a heavy week, y’all. And if I’m honest, I’d like to hide from it all, share a cute baby picture (okay, still couldn’t resist that part!), a few tasty recipes, an encouraging post or two and move on.

I’m afraid of controversy, afraid of ridicule, afraid of saying the wrong thing and adding to the hurt.

But I was reminded this week, as I attempted to bury my head in the sand, that the silence of their white friends adds pain and heartache to the burdens the black community is already carrying. I was reminded that we’re called to mourn with those that mourn, that it’s up to all of us to stand against inequality and demand justice, and that our voices really do matter.

So this weekend I’m sharing a list of links that I hope will make us all stop and think about the hard things. I’ve pored over links for the past three days, and I’ve agonized over which ones to include and how to categorize them so that they’ll actually be read. To be clear, I don’t think a few articles will change anyone’s mind, but if you’re seeking to understand, my prayer is that these will provoke thought, start conversations, and guide our responses.

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Noting the good

For the church

To understand

  • Institutional Racism Is Our Way of Life

In their own words

Moving forward

  • Concrete Ways to Be an Actual Ally to Black People
  • Re-Educating Myself (On Race, America, Learning, and Loving Others)

And finally…

“Black Lives Matter does not mean ‘black lives matter only.’ It means ‘black lives matter too.’ It’s a contextualized statement, like saying ‘children’s lives matter.’ That doesn’t mean adult lives don’t matter. . . . Ironically, saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is really a contextualized way of saying, ‘All Lives Matter.’” ~Mika Edmondson

P.S. I’d also encourage you to read about Dallas Police Chief David Brown and the changes that have happened over the past 6 years in that community.