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Weekend reading: October 15, 2016

From Instagram: Spotting the waterfalls.

love fall! The fresh, crisp air. The apples. The pumpkins. The leaves changing. All of it!

This week we took a morning off school to head to one of our very favorite fall destinations: Blackwater Falls in Davis, West Virginia. Sean and I stumbled across it on our honeymoon, and when we moved to our current home, we started making it a regular day trip in the fall (it’s also very near the ski resort where we ski in the winter, but we haven’t yet taken a winter trip!). I’m not sure we’ve done it every year, but our 11-year-old referred to it as “the 9th annual trip to the waterfalls,” which I love!

What I’m readingHealing the Heart of Democracy by Parker J. Palmer and The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

What I’m thinking about:

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When simple is what you’re after

On breaking out of a funk

  • Ep. 03: When Motherhood is Overwhelming | Mom on Purpose (< I joined Jess Connell on her new podcast for moms to talk about tackling daily life amidst feeling overwhelmed, practical ways to simplify and get through stressful seasons and feeding your soul and staying connected with your kids when life is overwhelming.)

Hope for election season

Have a great weekend!

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