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Weekend reading: October 31, 2015

Halloween or Christmas

My mom shared this photo yesterday—she carved a pumpkin with the kids while Sean started working on the Christmas tree. Because we’re us! 

Since our first Christmas as a married couple, we’ve put the Christmas tree up on Halloween—a tradition I love and look forward to ever year so that we can enjoy the twinkling lights and Christmas decorations throughout the holiday season. A couple years ago Sean started putting the tree itself up a day early so we could just focus on decorating as a family on Halloween itself. This year that turned out to be a really good decision since there were hundreds of bulbs out on the tree that were shorting entire circuits, and he spent entirely too long trying to get those to work!

We actually thought Lucas was coming yesterday, with a combination of regular, strong contractions and cramps with lots of pressure. Frustratingly, those contractions stopped every single time we considered going to the hospital, and have now stopped altogether, so I’m just trying to convince myself that I really won’t be pregnant forever. (I am also preparing myself for a repeat c-section, just in case, because I know my doctor’s office won’t induce and his head is too high to even break my water at this point.)

What I’m reading: The Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure and Coming Clean by Seth Haines

What I’m thinking about:

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Have a great weekend!