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Weekend reading: September 19, 2015


From Instagram: Who taught my baby to throw a “fut-ball” like a big boy?!

After the excitement of bundle week, my husband being out of town, and our trip to labor and delivery last week, I am looking forward to a quiet weekend (with a little nesting thrown in because I just can’t resist!).

I know some women hate football season, but I’m so glad football’s back! There’s nothing I love better than curling up with my husband on the couch during a 1 o’clock game while the girls play and the baby naps! I usually read until I fall asleep and then wake up in time to watch the 4th quarter. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and we’ve even switched back to the early service at church just to make those leisurely Sunday afternoons possible!

What I’m readingThe Royal We by Heather Cocks, Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakeable Peace by Sarah Mackenzie

What I’m thinking about:

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Have a great weekend!