What is Cloud Computing and Why You Need It

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It was only about a year ago when I would tote around an external hard drive everywhere I went.

Since I was running a business and still working full-time I had to have access to ALL my important files ALL the time. I never knew when I would need access to one of my client files. And I won’t even mention how many times I left it at home.

At one point I even endured a turnaround one-hour commute just to go pick up the drive.

So then I started using Google Docs for my word processing, saving the files online so I would never leave home without them. But it still wasn’t EVERYTHING I needed.

Which is exactly where cloud computing comes in. You can store everything you need in once place and access it wherever and whenever you want.

What is Cloud Computing?

Having your PC and mobile devices all synced so you can access ALL your personal data at any given moment. This gives you ability to organize and share all your photos, movies, contacts, email and documents with your friends, family and coworkers in an instant.

By setting up a cloud you are saving all your important files on a safe and secure cloud so you don’t have to worry about a corrupted portable hard drive or a crashed computer. Can you imagine losing a year’s worth of photos? I can’t.

So now you know why you need a cloud, but where do you get it?

Here are a few affordable options.


SugarSync is one cloud computing service available and you can get started with a 5GB account for free. You can sync up ANY folder on your computer and it will automatically be updated when you add, remove or update files in that folder.

SugarSync also allows you to upload and sync via email and you can sync folder to your mobile device all you have to do is download the SugarSync app.

You can use the SugarSync app with your iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPhone, Android, WinMo, Blackberry, and more.

  • 30GB | $4.99 per month | $49.99 per year
  • 60GB | $9.99 per month | $99.99 per year
  • 100 GB | $14.99 per month | $149.99 per year
  • 250 GB | $24.99 per month | $249.99 per year

To learn more visit www.sugarsync.com.


With Dropbox you can sync all your files online and across all computers automatically. You can automatically store up to 2GB of data absolutely free. You can instantly share your files with others but still have enough control to limit access to certain people.

You can also access your files via the Dropbox App available for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android.

  • 50GB | $9.99 per month
  • 100GB | $19.99 per month

To learn more visit www.dropbox.com


MiMedia is another cloud computing service that allows you to store and protect your files so you can enjoy them from anywhere with just one click. You can try MiMedia with a 30 day trial.

Don’t have time to wait for the initial upload of all your files, well MiMedia will send you a Free Shuttle Drive for a faster backup. They will deliver it in the mail shortly after you sign up. Just plug it in and your files are backed up automatically. Then send the drive back and your files will be available in no time at all.

You can also access your files via the MiMedia Mobile app which gives you instant one-click access to your entire personal media library. The free iPhone and Ipad apps are available on the iTunes App Store.

  • 25GB | $5.00 per month | $49.00 per year
  • 100GB | $10.00 per month | $99.00 per year
  • 250GB | $20.00 per month | $195.00 per year

To learn more check out mimedia.com.

What is your preferred way to store and secure your important data, photos and files?

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