What’s Wrong with a Little Mommy Guilt?

The following guest post is from Selena of IamFlourish.com:

What’s Wrong with a Little Mommy Guilt? at lifeyourway.net
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There isn’t a mother out there that doesn’t struggle with some form of mommy guilt. Am I right?

It’s such a prevailing feeling that there are tons of blog posts and articles that talk about ways to dispel this guilt. I, myself, have written various posts in the past about this topic.

I find this funny because no matter what we do or which way we think about it, mommy guilt will not go away. Your kids will always be your kids, no matter what stage of life you are in or how old they are. They could be 50 years old, and you will still feel you could do more, or are not doing enough, for your child.

Right now, my kids are playing with their friends, and I’m typing away on my computer. They seem perfectly happy, yet I still feel guilty.  My situation is compounded by a recent divorce, so my guilt runs deep. Should I worry that sitting a few feet away, with my fingers going full speed, but my eyes on them, is in some way a horrible thing to do to my boys? Probably not…but I fret anyway.

We are never going to live up to the hype of motherhood. Our dreams of milking our own cow, growing our nutrient rich produce, while homeschooling our five children, and simultaneously running a food blog with delectable delights and high definition photos plus witty words to go with it, not to mention, being a fit and trim, hot sex kitten to our sensitive, mind reading husband, are never going to happen.

Yes, I said it. Having it all – in the mythical world of “Perfectionville”- is not for me. I prefer sweating it out in “Motherlandia,” where it rains guilt on a regular basis with a few obligatory rainbows to remind me why I’m here.

And after many years fighting this truth, I’ve decided to embrace the guilt instead and let it fuel me to do things that I may not have made time for if my life was all sunshine and butterflies. As for the day-to-day, there are little pieces of blue sky that come out of the mommy-guilt storm. I call these my mommy guilt pleasures.

5 Pleasures of Mommy-Guilt

1. Plowing away at work, as my kids watch a movie, gives me the chance to sit with them, kiss their little heads, and hear them laugh while still getting things done that I need to get done.

2. When dinner is just ‘cheesy noodles,’ my boys think they have won the lottery.

3. Showing my boys that I’m not perfect, that I do get frustrated, and I may cry more than I should, unleashes their little hearts and lots of kisses and hugs for mommy.

4. Longing to ‘do it all’, and do it all right, prompts me to don my Wonder Woman costume (yes, I really have one!) to give me power against the guilt. This prompts an all-out superhero battle with my kidlets.

5. No matter how I try to rearrange my schedule and my business model, I may never feel “good enough,” but my children will always know that I am.

And that is all I really need.

Thank you Mommy-guilt. I couldn’t have made it without you.

How do you feel about mommy guilt?  How does it motivate you to be a better mom?

Selena Maestas Moffitt is a part-time single mother with full-time passion for her business and her clients. As a Functional Nutrition Coach, Selena helps busy women care for themselves and heal their gut. She travels a journey of adrenal dysfunction, gut dysbiosis, and thyroid problems right alongside her clients, who appreciate her honesty and compassion. Her CORE program has healed many guts and her site, IamFlourish.com, is full of great inspiration. For more personal stories, visit Radliferocks.com.