The friends we all need

The friends we all need

There are three types of friends: Friends for a reason. Friends for a season. Friends for a lifetime. ~Unknown The other day I was thinking about the friends in my life…the ones I enjoy talking to online and spending time with offline, and while I agree with the three types of friends in the quote […]

How self-care makes me {and you} a better mom

Why self-care makes me {and you} a better mom

Self-care is something I’ve been blogging about more often in recent months, not because I’ve arrived in this area but because it’s something I’m learning about and experiencing myself. I’ve been writing about self-care to remind readers—and myself—of its importance and the benefits and so on—and yet it’s only been in the last few weeks that I’ve seen […]

Today is your day to start over


Last year, as the busyness of saying yes to too much began to overwhelm me and affect my sleep, my patience, my health, and my relationships, I drew a line in the sand: when a certain project was over and Christmas was behind us and we turned the page to 2015, things would be different. And […]

Building authentic friendships and community

Live :: Creating a life you love.

As we head into March (and, hopefully, warmer weather!), I am so excited about our next Live course theme. This month we’ll be talking about connection, friendship and community with Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom. Crystal recently moved from Kansas to Nashville, Tennessee, where she and her family dove into their new community and […]

Where intentional living and self-care intersect {and 8 books I love}

Books about intentional living and self-care

Some women struggle with believing that they should take care of themselves and some struggle with overscheduling and finding the time to make it happen (I tend to fall into the second group). What I’m realizing this year, though, is that intentional living and self-care go hand-in-hand. At it’s core, living intentionally means living in a way […]