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Image by Sarah Richter on Pixabay

6 Easy and Cool Ways to Edit Your Photos

Making Your Photos Utterly Unique

The subject matter, lighting, angle, and quality of a photo do much to make it impactful to the viewer. However, in the modern age, editing techniques exist, which would only have been available to the most well-funded photographers in the world of yesteryear.

Now, you can affect some serious editing solutions with a free app downloaded to your phone. Following, we’ll briefly look into six modern editing techniques that can help you transform even the most boring photos into artistic delights. Hopefully, some of these tactics to edit photos will resonate with you.

1. Facial Filters Augment or Enhance Photos

Facial filters can add makeup, add a beard or mustache, subtract hair, “smooth out” wrinkles, reshape your head into some funny conglomeration of bubbly nonsense, and the list goes on. Play around with facial filters until you find those that resonate with you. From there, share those photos across social media. Play around.

2. Background Editing Eliminates Unwanted Visual “Noise”

Many apps exist that can change the background in a photo. Say you’ve got a guy sticking his tongue out or a dog deciding to use a fire hydrant as an impromptu restroom; you can use filters, editing programs, and more to pull such unwanted imagery from your pictures. Also, you can use such techniques to add things to the image, which might be fun.

In fact, you can sort of trim your own image from a picture and put it in another if you like. There are plenty of opportunities here. Again, play around.

3. Using Editing Tech to Change the Colors of Your Garments

You can use editing options like Portrait Pal to change clothe’s coloration. Here’s some more info on how to change the color of your clothes in the Facetune app. It’s astonishingly simple. This is a great tool if you’re looking to see how your style jives with a certain color. Also, it can be helpful with portraits.

Maybe somebody forgot to wear socks in a family portrait. Well, you can use this app to put “socks” on their feet so that the person’s lack of self-awareness doesn’t ruin the photo.

4. Shadow Elimination Software So Pictures Appear as Intended

Say you’ve got light in the perfect place. Just as you snap the photo, the wind blows the branch of a tree slightly in front of the sun, and now that shadow ruins your picture. Well, there are shadow elimination options that can fix such issues.

5. Changing Picture Colors Produces Astonishing Visual Results

Since the days of Photoshop, you’ve had the option of totally changing the coloration of your photos. You can go with a traditional coloration of the RGB variety or go with “grayscale.” You can also turn a picture black and white, then overlay it with the original colored option. Now you can leave some parts colored and other parts colorless.

So you might have a picture of your cat or significant other. With this method, your cat remains colored, but the background changes. You get the idea.

With color, there’s a lot you can do to edit photos, so they’re more interesting. Play around with neon colors, normal coloration, grayscale, and other means by which your photos may be optimized.

6. Combining Multiple Photos Into a Sort of Collage

Something else you can do is put multiple pictures in a sort of collage. You can link them together like your own patchwork 360-degree picture. You could make them a four-square “feature” with bright colors like an album color.

The pictures can be stacked like cards so that only edges are visible and tell a wild story. The world is your oyster. Play around with photo combinations. Learn how to make a photo collage effortlessly with Adobe Express, as part of easy and cool ways to edit your photos. Whether you’re creating a collage for social media or a personal project, Adobe Express provides intuitive tools to bring your vision to life.

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Image by Simon from Pixabay

Making Your Pictures Stand Out in a Unique Way

Photo combination, changing picture colors, eliminating shadows, changing the color of clothes and facial filters, and eliminating background imagery you don’t want to represent are six easy ways to edit photos using modern computer editing solutions.

You can apply most of these options right from your smartphone, though it will depend on the app. Experiment, play around, explore, take inspiration from others skilled at photo editing, and find which particular photo editing techniques most resonate with you.

Featured Image by Sarah Richter on Pixabay