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8 Must-Know Dance Moves for Country Music Lovers

Country music lovers know how to party. The genre is partnered with many amazing dance styles that are performed in clubs and parties around the world. If you’re looking to become a more knowledgeable country dancer, here are eight must-know dance moves for country music lovers

1. The Two-Step

Many people start off their love for country-style dancing with two-step dance routines. These are simple yet elegant and are perfect for everyone (no matter your shape, size, or fitness level). To dance the two-step, you’ll first have to master the two-step move that’s at the foundation of the art form. This two-step move requires you to move in a quick, quick, slow lead pattern, where the male partner is leading the female partner. If you’re looking to get into the country two-step, signing up for a country two-step class at a local country dance club will take you on an exciting new adventure. If you want to spice up your weekends, getting into country-style dancing is a no-brainer. 

2. The Basic Dip

Looking to impress your date when you go to the country dancing club this weekend? If you’re doing the two-step, swing, or practically any other country dance style, you’ll need to understand how to use the basic dip move. If you have a pre-existing image of dancing from movies like Dirty Dancing, you’re likely envisioning the basic dip. The male partner spins the female counterclockwise, then supports her waist while doing a squat. This allows the partners to dip into a sexy, awesome-looking fashion. 

3. The Pretzel

Few country dance moves are as simultaneously funny and tasty as the pretzel. You’ll be performing a move that involves a series of turns, where the arms of both partners will be swinging about in complex patterns. The illusion of creating a “pretzel” shape between the two partners is the goal. You won’t have to do any flipping or lifting for this step, but your coordination will have to be stellar to pull off the pretzel. This can be used in two-step and line dancing, as well as swing dancing. 

4. The Fall-Down Dip

To do the fall-down dip, you’ll have the female dance partner move outward, then inward in a yo-yo-type spin. Then, the male dance partner clasps both of their partner’s hands, lowers her to the ground, and raises her back up. There’s a simplicity to the look of this movement, but if you fail to be careful, you can easily drop your partner. To stay click on the dance floor, always approach this move with confidence. 

5. The Spinout

The spinout has been making people hoot and holler in country dance clubs for years. For those who’ve mastered the basic steps and moves, moving on to the spinout is a trial-by-fire moment. The spinout has the male partner spinning the female dancing partner at a fast rate in a 360-degree movement. The male partner will launch the female partner out for two full spins before bringing her back. This is most commonly used in swing dance routines but can be applied to other styles of country dancing as well. 

6. The Backflip

The backflip is one of the hardest but most impressive dance moves you’ll use in different country dancing routines. Especially if you’re doing country swing, perfecting the backflip will wow your friends (and that special date that you’re looking forward to). You’ll need your female partner to prepare for this move’s agility, while the male partner will have to keep sturdy and steady to execute the force behind the flip successfully. Be careful when using this move! 

7. The Jazz Box

Whether you’re line dancing or two-steppin’, you’ll get a ton of value out of learning the jazz box move. This requires you to move your feet in a box pattern on the floor, creating a flurry of foot movements that will make you seem as though you’re sliding about the floor. For the especially upbeat, fast-paced songs you’ll be dancing to, this move will feel completely natural (and will make you look awesome). 

8. The Pivot Turn

Simply put, a pivot turn is a half turn that you use to move between moves. In terms of transition steps, this is the most foundational one that you’ll want to learn. You can even add them up to move 360 degrees or more once you’ve perfected the base pivot turn. Every style of country dancing (and many other forms of dancing) will require you to learn how to do a stylish pivot turn.

Dance is a way to alleviate stress and have fun.

Featured Image by jose esqueda from Pixabay