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Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

Choosing the Right Motorcycle

Diving into the world of motorcycling can seem like a huge undertaking, especially when it comes to choosing your first bike. With so many available options and varieties, choosing your first bike is an important decision that signifies what type of rider you are and serves as an extension of yourself. In this guide, we’ll break down the different types of motorcycles and help you find the perfect ride to suit your style and needs.

Standard Motorcycles 

These are your all-around, versatile bikes suitable for various riding conditions. They typically feature an upright riding position, making them comfortable for both short commutes and long journeys. Versatile and practical, standard motorcycles are great for beginners. Their standard riding position provides excellent visibility, and they’re typically lightweight and nimble, making them easy to handle in traffic. If you lay the bike down, as many beginners inevitably do, there generally are no expensive fairings to replace as you might on a sports bike. 

While standard bikes excel in everyday riding scenarios, they may lack the performance of sports bikes or the comfort of cruisers for long-distance travel. If you have a specific riding style or preference for certain terrains, a standard motorcycle may not offer the specific features you desire.

Sport Bikes

Designed for speed and agility, sport bikes are built for uncompromised performance. With aggressive aerodynamic styling and powerful engines, they are at home on the track and twisty back roads. They’re perfect for carving up twisty roads and pushing the limits of speed. These bikes appeal to those looking to extract the most performance out of their motorcycle. However, their aggressive riding position may not be ideal for long-distance comfort or everyday commutes. 

The aggressive riding position of sports bikes can be uncomfortable for some riders, especially on longer journeys. They also tend to have higher insurance premiums and maintenance costs due to the complexity of their design. Sport bikes prioritize performance over comfort and practicality, so they may not be the best choice for riders that prioritize commuting or touring.


If laid-back riding is more your style, cruisers offer a relaxed, low-slung profile. With comfortable seating and ample torque, they’re perfect for leisurely rides on the open highway. Their low seat height, comfortable ergonomics, and iconic styling make them accessible to a wide range of riders. Keep in mind that their heavy weight can make them challenging for beginners to maneuver.

The heavy weight and long wheelbase of cruisers can make it challenging to maneuver at low speeds or in tight spaces. They also tend to have limited cornering clearance, which translates to a less-than-ideal choice for off-road adventures or aggressive cornering.

Dual-Sport Motorcycles

For those who crave adventure both on and off-road, dual-sport bikes provide the best of both worlds. Dual-sport bikes are incredibly versatile and more than capable of tackling both on-road and off-road terrain with ease. Their tall suspension and rugged construction make them perfect for adventure seekers. However, their tall seat height may be intimidating for shorter riders.

The tall seat height of dual-sport bikes can be intimidating for shorter riders, and their off-road-oriented tires may not provide optimal grip on paved surfaces. Their “do-it-all nature” results in a compromise in comfort and performance compared to dedicated on-road or off-road bikes.

Touring Bikes

If tackling the miles through long-distance touring is your passion, touring bikes are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Often equipped with creature comforts like spacious saddlebags, windshields, heated grips, cruise control, and plush seating, they’re built to eat up the miles with ease.

The large size and weight of touring bikes can be intimidating for beginners, especially when maneuvering at low speeds or in tight spaces. They also tend to have higher price tags and fuel consumption rates.

There’s a Bike for Everybody

Choosing the right motorcycle is a deeply personal decision that depends on your riding style, preferences, and intended use. Whether you’re drawn to the performance of a sports bike or the laid-back comfort of a cruiser, there’s a perfect ride out there waiting for you. However, it’s essential to prioritize making your motorcycle comfortable to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the road, regardless of the type of bike you choose. Take the time to explore your options, test-ride different models, and consider the various factors that are important to you. Just remember to stay safe and avoid these common causes of motorcycle accidents. With the right motorcycle by your side, you’ll be ready to take on the 2-wheeled adventures you’ve been dreaming of.

Featured Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash