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How to Build Your Dream Summerhouse

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Have you always dreamed of enjoying the perfect summerhouse? A cozy retreat at the bottom of your garden or a space to entertain, a summerhouse can have many functions. 

With spring just around the corner, now is an ideal time to start thinking about building one. We’ll look at some of the potential functions and the steps to take to begin your project. 

What is a summerhouse? 

It’s a building in the garden that can be used for a variety of functions: 

  • Outdoor retreat– many people create a summerhouse to relax and spend time amongst nature, enjoying the long days and light evenings. 
  • Hobby space – if you like spending time practicing yoga, painting, knitting, sewing, or taking part in almost any other hobby, a summerhouse could provide the ideal location for your interest. Be inspired by the outdoors and give yourself the space to create, make, do or think. 
  • Entertaining – hosting a garden party? A summerhouse is the perfect solution if the weather turns and you need a shelter without disrupting the party. 
  • Office – with many people continuing to work from home, a summerhouse can provide a great alternative to an indoor office. If you lack space in your house, why not make your office a part of the great outdoors? 
  • Kids outdoor activities – teach the children about seasons, insects, and wildlife with an educational summerhouse space. Encourage them to collect leaves, twigs, pine cones, and anything else from the garden and use the summerhouse as a space to get creative during the warmer months. 

Building a summerhouse 

You’ll need to think about the size of your summerhouse and where you want to have your home from home. It’s also worth checking if you’ll need planning permission.

Consider the materials – many people choose timber frames, and there are plenty of options available for ready-made kits to make them easier to build. The foundations and roof are also important factors to consider and should be constructed with quality materials that the elements won’t beat. 

Rope some friends or family in to help with the build and choose the right tools for the job. At the very least, you’ll need a spade, hammer, screwdrivers, power tools such as drills, ladders, and possibly a saw. You can find more power tools here. You’ll need to ensure windows and doors are fitted correctly, and every part is watertight. 

Once you’ve got the build in place, you can start thinking about furnishings and decoration as well as any other extras you might wish to add. Consider the purpose of your summerhouse before you begin designing the interior to make sure it’s a workable space for your needs. 

Featured Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay