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How to Choose What Temperature to Set Your Thermostat When on Summer Vacation

Taking a much-needed vacation can be good for your mind and body. If you plan on being away from home for a while, though, you need to program your thermostat to keep your house at a temperature that protects it and your belongings. Here are a few tips for choosing the right level.

Check the Weather

In generalyou should set your thermostat about 5 to 10 degrees higher than you normally would. You’ll save money on your energy bills while ensuring the inside of your house remains at a reasonable temperature.

However, the weather can impact where you ultimately set the needle on your thermostat. For instance, you can put it on 70 if the weather is predicted to be in the mild 50s and 60s. On the other hand, if your area is expecting a heat wave, you’ll want to set your thermostat no higher than 85 to prevent your appliance from overworking itself while also protecting your belongings from heat-related damage.

Account for Humidity

Another issue you want to consider is your local climate, particularly if you live in areas with high humidity. Air conditioners cool the surrounding area by extracting water from the air, which helps control humidity. If your thermostat is set too high for the local climate, you may end up with too much moisture in the air and come home to a moldy, mildewy mess.

Likewise, setting the thermostat too low in areas with low humidity can cause the air inside of your home to become uncomfortably dry, which can cause other problems, such as breathing difficulties and damage to wood materials. Ideally, humidity in a home should be anywhere between 30 to 50 percent, so set your thermostat to ensure the HVAC helps maintain that level.

Protect Pets, Plants, and Sensitive Possessions

Lastly, consider who and what will be left behind in your home while you’re away. You want to set the thermostat to ensure any animal companions who will be staying home are comfortable. Additionally, some plants are sensitive to ambient temperatures and will die if it’s too hot or cold, so check with the appropriate owner’s guide for recommendations about optimal temperatures.

Temperature and humidity can damage your possessions if not controlled properly. Take into account any electronics, art, or other heat and water-sensitive materials you may have in your home (such as computer equipment) when figuring out the best temperature to set when you’re away on vacation.

For more tips on programming your thermostat for optimal home comfort or to schedule air conditioning services, contact Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.