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Is It Worth Getting Your Teeth Whitened at The Dentist?

Teeth whitening is a common practice in the dentistry industry. Although there’s nothing wrong with keeping your teeth’s natural yellow color, some prefer to smile with their pearly whites.

If you’d look up “Ocala dental care,” you would be presented with a long list of dental clinics that offer similar services. However, there’s still the feeling of doubt regarding whether it’s worth a shot to approach a professional for this process.

To help you out, we’ve prepared a couple of pros and cons of doing it on your own versus asking the expertise of a licensed dentist.

Con: It’s relatively expensive

One of the problems that individuals encounter regarding teeth whitening is the estimated cost of the whole procedure.

On average, your possible expenses would be around $450 to $1,000 per session, which varies based on your location and the treatments you’ve availed.

Don’t forget that an in-office dental service requires you to undergo teeth cleaning first before diving into the teeth whitening process.

As your dentist would spend their time removing your excess tartar and plaque on the gums, including checking your mouth for possible cavities, you would be obligated to pay for this.

Please don’t take it against your doctor, though, since they’re required to ensure that your mouth is free from other dental problems and keep you safe from medical harm as much as possible.

If they’ve guaranteed themselves that everything’s okay, then it’s likely that your dentist would choose to apply a whitening product that contains a higher amount of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide.

This is to secure that the procedure would be a success and only give you minimal discomfort.

Since these products tend to be of high quality, then there’s a high probability that they would increase your bill. What’s more, insurance won’t cover the cost because this is considered cosmetic dentistry and medically unnecessary.

On the other hand, if you decided to do an over-the-counter method, you would spend at least $15 on the whitening strips that’ll suit your needs. Though this one is often low in the needed chemicals for your teeth whitening and many reported experiencing teeth sensitivity by using it.

Pro: Higher quality

Even though approaching a licensed professional to do the procedure for you might drill a hole in your pocket, the good side is that clinics usually offer a variety of options for the patients.

A few of those could be:

BOOST method

This is known as “Opalescence Xtra Boost,” which is used for minimally invasive procedures in treating cases of teeth discoloration.

It’s one of the preferred options of dentists as it displayed itself to be effective in preventing a more severe case of discolored teeth brought by tooth trauma, prescriptions drugs, and other medical conditions.

Moreover, it’s recognized for its ability to work on surface stains as well.

The BOOST treatment applies 38% of hydrogen peroxide bleaching gels without the need for any special light to be activated.

The substance has a sticky texture, giving it the edge of not slipping off of the teeth. Additionally, BOOST reduced the risk of teeth sensitivity owing to its contained PF chemical.

PF is a mixture of fluoride and potassium nitrate, wherein the product is responsible for minimizing teeth sensitivity and strengthening the enamel to prevent accidental damages.

1-hour of ZOOM treatment

The ZOOM whitening method has displayed an outstanding 90% efficiency in teeth whitening procedures, and it only takes an hour for it to take effect!

The FDA recognizes the product, so you don’t have to worry about safety measures. Aside from this, ZOOM isn’t as aggressive as its peers, so you would only need to wear a custom-designed tray filled with its gel for 12 consecutive days.

Once this has been done, you’d immediately notice the dramatic changes to your smile. Yet keep in mind that this, unfortunately, increases your chances of being subjected to teeth sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening
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Kor whitening option

This choice is popular in the market because Kor displayed its ability to restore oxygen to your teeth, removing the discoloration or stains on the teeth. Preferably, this is ideal for curing cases of tetracycline-discolored teeth.

In your initial treatments, Kor would be done while the rest of the sessions would be taught to you to do at home. Later, when the phase is finished, you’d be instructed to wear the gel trays once every month to maintain your results.

Not only does this help with whitening, but it’s also an ideal option for dentists who wouldn’t like to risk the gel from diluting, thanks to the saliva.

If you’re wondering how this happens, Kor’s secret keeps its potency by always being refrigerated.

Overall, it’s much better first to seek a dentist regarding the matter. And once you’ve got accustomed to doing it on your own, you’re free to use the over-the-counter option and save yourself a couple of bucks!

Featured Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay