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Merge PDF Files with PDFBear in 4 Easy Steps

If you are a student, you probably prefer handling a single PDF file over multiple documents. It will let you do basic processes as quickly and easily as possible. You don’t need to switch from one file to another when reviewing your lessons or accomplishing your reports. It also saves you from repeating the process of printing, uploading, and attaching documents. 

Time is one of the most important finite resources that you have. So to maximize it, now is the time to merge multiple related files by using PDFBear. It has a seamless and straightforward process that will not consume too much of your free time. It is a student-friendly website as it offers all its services without requiring you to shell out any amount of money. 

Merge PDF files with PDFBear in four steps 

A lot of students think that the process of merging several documents is challenging, especially if one does not possess superior technical skills. But this is not true if you will be using the merge PDF tool of PDFBear. With its simple interface, you can easily navigate it and find the tool that you wish to use. 

To start combining your files, grab your device. It may be a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer. Connect it to a stable internet and use any of the installed browsers to search for the website. Follow the four easy steps below to know what to do after you reach

Merge documents
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Step 1. Look for the merge PDF tool

To make the website appear organized, it categorized all the tools according to their functions. There are six groups in total, namely convert to PDF, convert from PDF, optimize PDF, view and edit PDF, and organize PDF. Look for the merge PDF tool under the organize PDF category. Once you click it, it will then redirect you to its PDF merger. 

Step 2. Upload the files you wish to combine

To upload the files, you wish to combine, click the select files button. It will let you transfer them from your local storage, google drive, or dropbox account into the toolbox. For an easier and faster process, you may use the drag-and-drop option. However, it is only applicable if you are accessing the tool through your laptop or computer. The uploading process usually takes less than a few minutes, but it might be longer if you have unstable internet connectivity. Nevertheless, it is still faster compared to other online tools, applications, and software.

Step 3. Modify your uploaded files

The website will let you modify your uploaded files, such as arranging them in their proper orders. After that, now is the time to press the combine button. The PDF merger will immediately start the process, which will last less than a minute. If you found out that there is an error in the arrangement, you may stop combining it and repeat the entire process. So to avoid encountering inconveniences, make sure that you modify the files the way you want them to look.

Step 4. Download the combined PDF

Download the combined PDF file once it appears on your screen. You can only do this within 60 minutes, and after that time frame, it will permanently be inaccessible as a way for the website to ensure your privacy. If you do not save it on your device due to full memory space, then opt to share it on your google drive or Dropbox account. 

Use the PDFBear pro account

While it is true that you can access the services of the website without spending any amount of money, it will only let you combine multiple files a certain number of times per day. Aside from that, you will always have to deal with several advertisements popping on your screen, which can sometimes be too time-consuming. If you don’t want to experience any of these limitations and restrictions, you might as well use the PDFBear pro account. To avail of this, you must choose one of the subscription plans offered by the website for an affordable price. 

Using the pro account, you will have the chance to use the PDF combiner unlimitedly. It means that you can merge documents as many times as you want daily. You will also be a part of the priority list of the customer service representative whenever you have complaints. Lastly, the process of editing, converting, and optimizing files is much easier and faster.

Final Thoughts

Online tools like PDFBear exist not to complicate your life but to be of help in making it more convenient. You will never experience accomplishing tasks as fast and easy as possible if you don’t welcome new technological innovations in your life. So give a try now and be ready to save a lot of time and energy in combining multiple documents!

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