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Seeking Legal Assistance as a US Military Veteran

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At some point in your life, you decided to serve the United States in the military. Whether you were on combat missions or not, reintegrating into civilian life once your service is done can be a huge challenge. Things work very differently in society than they do in the military, and veterans are often uncertain about how their skills and knowledge will translate to civilian life. 

Things get even more complicated when you run into legal matters, some of which could become significant obstacles. You deserve the opportunity to pursue happiness after you complete your duty, and society isn’t always the best at caring for veterans. Approaching legal matters without assistance could result in a compromised future, especially financially. 

In many cases, veterans run into legal issues that they need help navigating. Perhaps you are not receiving the benefits that you are due, or there is an issue with buying a house. Whatever the case may be, finding legal assistance to represent your interests is not always easy. Here are a few scenarios where it would make sense to hire a lawyer or seek legal advice. 

Camp LeJeune Lawsuit

The Marine base camp at Camp LeJeune saw many service members and their families pass through its doors. Unfortunately, if you did this sometime between 1953 and 1987, then you may have been exposed to contaminated drinking water. The treatment plants failed to remove dangerous toxins from the water, causing many service members, civilian workers, and families to experience adverse health effects. Some of these issues may be as serious as cancer. Either way, the federal government has passed laws allowing anyone who worked at or lived on the base during those years and suffers from medical conditions to file a claim. 

If you were ever stationed at Camp LeJeune and you have health issues, the two could be linked. In this case, you could file a claim to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, or even wrongful death. Finding the right Camp LeJeune lawyer will ensure you have the best chance of winning the lawsuit and receiving compensation for damages suffered, so make sure you seek out experienced legal representation. 

Insufficient Disability Rating or Payments

Many veterans experience health issues as a result of their service. They either obtained an injury or illness during their time, or they had a condition that was exacerbated by their service. Depending on the nature of these conditions, they may have seriously damaged your ability to enjoy life to the fullest. This is why the VA disability benefits program exists. It pays out tax-free installments to veterans monthly to help cover medical costs and other personal expenses.

A problem arises when an individual does not receive adequate benefits or is denied outright for their claim. Perhaps you believe your rating is lower than your disability deserves. Maybe the VA determined that your injury or illness was not service-related. Either way, you will need VA claim help on the legal side to defend your rights and help you receive what you are owed. These payments can range from several hundred dollars to well over four thousand, so they would make a huge difference in supporting your needs. 

Free or Low-Cost Legal Assistance

While there are specialized lawyers who can help with certain cases like Camp LeJeune or disability claims, some legal matters are less specific. Perhaps you are in need of a lawyer for something smaller, like a real estate transaction or a business dispute. Through the Department of Veterans Affairs, you can access low-cost or even free legal services across the country to help you navigate whatever dispute you find yourself in.

There are over 150 legal clinics across the country that specifically serve the needs of veterans. You can find free legal services in many of these VA facilities, but there are also other resources for veterans seeking legal counsel. These services can help you navigate concerns about disability benefits, discharge upgrades, military record changes, health, housing, education, family matters, or employment debt. 

Find a Legal Partner to Help You Navigate Complex Issues

There is no reason to try to go through a legal process alone. If you make any mistakes during a dispute or contract situation, there could be unintended consequences that make life much more difficult. On the other hand, you have a right to certain benefits as a veteran, and if you are not receiving them, then it may be the fault of the government. 

Whether the VA has failed you or you are preparing for a complex legal process, finding the right representation is crucial to protect your interests and rights as a veteran. Use the resources mentioned above to help you make the most of civilian life. 

Featured Image by Dennis Larsen from Pixabay