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Shipping Containers for Sale in Orlando

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When you consider buying or renting containers, you need to make sure that you know which one meets your requirements the best. And, if you are looking for someone who provides shipping containers for sale Orlando, you are in the right place. We promise to share some tips with you on how to make the winning decision. Let’s start step-by-step!

Possibilities of using shipping containers

Shipping containers in many areas are no longer associated only with consolidated transport. Now, they can be used as:

  1. A temporary home that is provided to workers for the entire period of their employment.
  2. Capacity for storing cargo for a long period until the moment of departure;
  3. A mobile power plant. Containers themselves are reliable cases for internal equipment.
  4. A small store with crucial features, like mobility, and no need to build a foundation.
  5. A laboratory located in the field.

As you see, it is necessary to evaluate the properties. Since shipping containers for sale in Orlando have almost no operating restrictions, they can be useful everywhere. For example, they can be a warehouse for storing things, as the walls protect things inside the container. You can also utilize your shipping container as housing for people or a place for all equipment and tools. 

Shipping container house
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How to choose the right shipping containers

The main criterion for choosing a shipping container is its capacity. Basic container sizes are 20 and 40 feet. They fully meet the chief purpose of shipping containers. And it is the transportation and storage of various goods. For this reason, it is necessary to check the correspondence between the containers’ volumes and cargo to each other. By the way, the most popular Pelican Containers are 40 feet. They are extremely qualitative and made by a trusted, well-known company. Be sure that such shipping containers will serve you well for a long while.

In addition, do pay attention to the next four characteristics:

  1. The floor is usually made of wood. Pay special attention to separate boards to ensure no damage or signs of decay. Even small ones can cause damage to the integrity of the cargo and its safety.
  2. Tightness. If there are gaps in the packaging elements, it becomes impossible to ensure the safety of the cargo, resulting in losses.
  3. Doors. There must be rubber seals on the sashes. Locking mechanisms must be intact to use them effectively. The safety of the cargo during loading and unloading operations depends on this.
  4. Age. In general, manufacturers of shipping containers indicate 10-15 years as a guarantee of their using containers. According to practice, they last much longer than the declared period, even if they are provided with minor maintenance for prevention. For this reason, if you buy a used shipping container, you need to pay attention to certain information printed on the outer walls of the cargo block.

Furthermore, It is necessary to take into account the existing damages. This is an important aspect of used containers. Make sure that the current deformation will not affect the main functionality of the container you prefer. If the outer coating is intact, then such a container’s exploitation will last more than one year.

Shipping container size

The size of the requested shipping container depends on how you intend to use it. If it’s going to be in the same place most of the time, you need one that fits your requirements. However, if it is used for international shipping, you need to ensure that the container is compatible with your shipping company.

Do not ignore security.

The safety of your goods in shipping containers is paramount, so you should spend some time checking the security features. It includes doors, locks, roofs, walls, and floors, as these areas can become vulnerable. The lock box can prevent any interference with your container during long transportation.

Delivery of shipping containers for sale in Orlando

Before shipping containers for sale in Orlando are delivered, you need to know exactly where you want to place them. As well, you need to prepare the place. It is important to place the container on a flat surface. Otherwise, you may encounter difficulties opening and closing it after loading.

The space for the container should be completely clean, and all items that may damage it or pose a danger to people should be removed. Doing this in advance guarantees no last-minute problems and uninterrupted delivery.

A professional approach to container rental ensures that you choose the best Pelican Containers for your needs. You should not take any aspect for granted and should recheck every area before shipping the container.

The benefits of shipping containers by the Pelican Containers company:

  • a possibility to buy or rent a container of good quality;
  • feel free to choose a new or used shipping container;
  • easy, quick purchase in 3 steps;
  • prompt delivery to Orlando.

The main responsibilities of a shipper

Ownership of the goods belongs to a shipper until the transaction with the consignee is completed or the consignee receives the goods at the port of destination.

The main duties of shippers are:

  • Documents: shipment and customs clearance.
  • Dispatch weight: The consignor shall ensure that the goods do not exceed the limits on the dimensions or mass of the vehicle.
  • Packing: The shipper must pack the goods for transport or delivery. The consignor shall ensure that the consignment is packed and prepared following the rules and regulations.
  • Provision of information: The shipper shall specify all details, including the date of shipment, the destination address, the place of origin, and the size of the goods in the bill of lading.
  • Freight: as the owner of the goods, the shipper should request the freight rates and select a suitable forwarder to meet its delivery needs.


When choosing a provider of shipping containers for sale in Orlando, most buyers face varied difficulties. It’s because of the lack of relevant experience that helps to avoid mistakes. A good design combines reliability and capacity and guarantees the container’s long-term operation and its resistance to environmental factors. Therefore, before purchasing a shipping container, consult specialists like Pelican Containers, who will help you choose a refrigerator, tank container, or another type of container.

Featured Image by Jarosław Bialik from Pixabay