I think one of the best benefits of being a lifelong learner is being able to inspire the people around us to become lifelong learners as well.

This may be most obvious when we’re thinking in terms of the parent-child relationship and the way we’re able to inspire our children through our own habits of study and reading and asking questions, and I think my dad offered me this inspiration in a lot of ways.

But I think it’s really much bigger than that. (And I say that not as someone who is doing the inspiring as much as someone who has been inspired by the people around me.)

It’s the friends who are always reading (books, articles, blog posts, whatever they can get their hands on) and seeking out information about new topics that inspire me to do the same.

It’s the ones who aren’t afraid to admit they don’t know something but want to learn more that make it easier for me to admit the same.

It’s the ones who seem fascinated by the world around them that stoke my own fascination and wonder.

It’s the ones who take off in search of adventure who make me seek adventure in my own life.

And it’s the ones who love to talk and discuss and hear new perspectives who help me see the world in a new way.

It’s worth noting that having friends who are always learning new things is a lot of fun as well. There’s no lack of conversation topics because we’re able to engage and share and debate along the way.

I want to not only be inspired by these friends but inspire others in the same way!


  1. Who has or does inspire you to be a lifelong learner? What have you found inspirational about their lives?
  2. Do you see the potential for inspiring others by your love of learning as well? How could you be more intentional about this?