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Taking Care of Yourself: Living Your Life with Precautions but Not Fear

As tempting as it may be to rush back into the life you had before COVID-19, we have to remember that even though vaccine distribution is underway, the coronavirus is still a part of our lives. That doesn’t mean we have to live in fear, but it does mean we still need to live with certain precautions. No matter where you sit on the vaccination schedule, you have to strategically and smartly start thinking about incorporating your regular routine. While you do that, you also want to keep your health and the health of others in mind.

One area that may have made its way to the backburner during quarantine is regular checkups with your doctor. Although some appointments were available online, some things must be taken care of in person.

Tending to Any Neglected Areas of Health

Unless you had an urgent health matter, a condition that requires regular medication, or an issue you couldn’t take care of online, you probably stayed out of the doctor’s office. That means putting off preventative care like mammograms, dental cleanings, and routine blood work. But now that there’s a vaccination plan happening, it’s time to start scheduling those necessary checks to keep you and your family healthy. If you’re waiting to schedule until you receive your vaccination, it’s important to note that many people are in the same position you are and will be calling to set up appointments too.

To avoid the rush, depending on where you live, call your Winnetka dental office or your Baltimore gynecology center now to pick a convenient time for you instead of trying to squeeze it into someone else’s schedule.

Don’t Forget Your Mental Health

Humans are social creatures by nature, so isolation can do a number on your psyche if drawn out over an extended period, even with the best of intentions. So, while you’re making your appointments to catch up on checkups you might have missed, don’t forget to consider your mental health. 

Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body, so if you have a need, pencil it in.

Protecting Yourself Now and Going Forward

Although the vaccine distribution plan raises the coronavirus resistance levels for those who take the shot, not everyone is taking the vaccine. Not everyone is taking it at the same time. In fact, experts estimate the vaccine won’t be available to children until early in 2022, and high school kids won’t see a vaccine until the fall of 2021. That means whether you get the vaccine or not, we’re all responsible for taking care of those who aren’t yet able to take advantage of this medical marvel.

That doesn’t mean we need to live in fear, but it does mean taking precautions with filtration masks and social distancing which will remain a part of our lives until everyone has the chance to protect themselves and their families.

Give Yourself Time and Grace

Maybe the thought of getting out there and living your life has you over the moon with excitement, but perhaps the very idea gives you anxiety. No matter how you feel about stepping out into the world again, give yourself time and grace to accept the changes that happened. There’s a way to return to your regular routine, even if that routine looks a bit different. 

Just remember that as long as you take precautions, you can gradually and safely live your life, no matter what the future holds.

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