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The 3 Best Ways to Use Technology to Manage Your Diabetes

Managing diabetes is fundamental for your health as a diabetic because if it’s left unchecked, it can lead to serious health problems, including heart disease, kidney failure, and vision issues. Thankfully, technology has become a tool in helping people with diabetes manage their condition better.

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Before technology advanced, managing diabetes was much more challenging. People had to rely on less precise methods to monitor their blood sugar levels, resulting in less accurate management strategies. In this article, we will go over several tips to help you utilize technology to make managing your diabetes much easier.

1 – Applications and software

Nowadays, managing diabetes is easier and more effective thanks to apps on phones and other devices. These apps are great for helping people keep an eye on important health details. For example, they can track how much sugar is in the blood, what and how much someone eats, and how much they move or exercise. 

Also, these apps can work together with devices that check glucose levels all the time and insulin pumps that help control these levels by providing insulin when needed. Some apps can even allow reading glucose levels on your smart watch, making it super easy to stay informed. 

2 – Smart insulin pumps and pens

Insulin pumps and smart insulin pens are modern tools that make it easier to manage insulin. Insulin pumps are small devices worn on the body that deliver insulin through a tiny tube inserted under the skin. They work by giving a steady, low dose of insulin all day and extra doses at mealtimes, depending on what the user eats and their current blood sugar level. 

Smart insulin pens are advanced versions of the traditional insulin injections but with added technology. They can record the time and amount of each dose and sometimes send this information to a smartphone app. This helps users keep track of their insulin use without having to write everything down manually.

Using insulin pumps and smart pens can make insulin therapy more personalized. Since everyone’s body and diabetes are different, being able to adjust insulin doses based on specific needs is a big advantage. This personalized approach leads to better control of blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of both high and low blood sugar. 

3 – Telehealth

Telehealth is becoming more widespread in general and is making it easier for people with diabetes to get the care they need. With telehealth, patients can talk to their doctors using video calls, phone calls, or messages right from their homes.

For instance, people with diabetes can use special devices to check their blood sugar levels. These devices then send the information to their doctors. This way, doctors can see how their patients are doing and help them manage their diabetes better, even without seeing them face-to-face.

Now, people who live far from doctors, are very busy or find it hard to visit a doctor’s office can still get good care. 

Featured Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash