{Book} Favorites: Seven More Series for Fans of Divergent

Like many people, The Hunger Games series introduced me to a new genre of books — young adult dystopian — and left me hungry for more (no pun intended!). Since then, I’ve read many series recommended by fans of the genre, and the Divergent series quickly became one of my favorite. In fact, I finished […]

One Word for 2014: Live {January Update}

Despite the fact that I’m a bit overwhelmed by life at the moment, I’m determined to be intentional about my choices in 2014 — more specifically, to be intentional about slowing down, managing my time and making choices that better reflect my priorities. As part of my one word {LIVE}, I’ve decided to work through […]

Sometimes You Just Have to Say It Out Loud

Although  I wouldn’t say I struggle with depression normally, I can clearly look back and see two times when I was dealing with depression: when living in my parent’s basement for a few months (without enough natural light) and after the birth of our third daughter. I’ve shared a little about both of those experiences, […]

One Word for 2014: Live

I really love the idea of choosing one overarching word for each year rather than making detailed resolutions because it offers me a way to reevaluate and readjust throughout the year without feeling guilty over each little miss or failure. In 2012, my word was authenticity, and I grew a lot that year in my […]

On My Bookshelf {October 2013}

I wasn’t sure I’d make time for reading at all in September, but — surprisingly — I read more than expected! It helped that I didn’t read anything that really grabbed me in a way that I felt like I was neglecting the rest of my to-do list, but it was nice to escape into […]

On My Bookshelf {September 2013}

As I suspected, I didn’t get much reading time while we were in Florida on vacation, and I’m looking forward to vacations where it actually makes sense to pack a stack of books…maybe in a decade or so! But I set my goals low for the month of August and mostly chose light, easy reads […]

3 Ways Comparisons Can Be Good for You

The following guest post is from Deb of Home Life Simplified: All around the internet I read posts and advice about not comparing yourself to others. I am pretty sure I have written that myself at times. It got to the point though where it felt comparisons were being touted as inherently bad. I do […]