“Love is a Verb” {and that’s not just a song title}

:Love is a verb

“Love is a verb. Love—the feeling—is the fruit of love the verb or our loving actions.” —Stephen R. Covey This month we’re talking lovvvvvvve on our 12-month journey to creating a life you love (it’s not too late to join us!), and that includes loving ourselves as well as the people around us. Whether you’re talking about loving yourself—and […]

One Word for 2014: Live {January Update}

Despite the fact that I’m a bit overwhelmed by life at the moment, I’m determined to be intentional about my choices in 2014 — more specifically, to be intentional about slowing down, managing my time and making choices that better reflect my priorities. As part of my one word {LIVE}, I’ve decided to work through […]

Sometimes You Just Have to Say It Out Loud

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Although  I wouldn’t say I struggle with depression normally, I can clearly look back and see two times when I was dealing with depression: when living in my parent’s basement for a few months (without enough natural light) and after the birth of our third daughter. I’ve shared a little about both of those experiences, […]

One Word for 2014: Live

I really love the idea of choosing one overarching word for each year rather than making detailed resolutions because it offers me a way to reevaluate and readjust throughout the year without feeling guilty over each little miss or failure. In 2012, my word was authenticity, and I grew a lot that year in my […]