Our Family’s Non-Health Insurance Coverage

I was originally planning to post this on Tuesday morning, but just after we finished breakfast, our 4-year-old fell off the picnic table bench and busted the back of her head open (on a flimsy plastic storage drawer that holds Legos, of all things), and we spent the morning at the ER instead. In the […]

Simple Ways to Get in the Habit of Saving

The following post is from Christina of Northern Cheapskate: As my husband and I dug our way out of debt, we often reminded ourselves that getting to debt-free was a marathon, not a sprint.  While it was easy to get into debt, it takes an incredible amount of time, energy, and determination to get rid […]

How to Turn Your Excess Stuff Into Extra Cash

The following post is from Christina of Northern Cheapskate: We all have stuff.  It’s filling our closets, hiding under our beds, tucked into cabinets and lurking in attics.  Rather than clutter up our homes, why not turn that stuff into cold hard cash?   Here are some ways to tidy up and make a tidy profit, […]

FREE Budget Worksheet Printable!

I’ve gotten quite a few requests for a budget printable since I first created the Life Your Way printables more than 3 years ago, and I kept putting it off because I just wasn’t sure how to make one that would work for everybody. However, last week I got two requests from readers within hours […]