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101 MORE Ways to Embrace Summer

hot air balloon
source: Bloesem Kids

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer — pools are opened, grills are uncovered and sprinklers are set up in the backyard. I’m ready for summer and all that it brings, but we’re working hard to be intentional about our summer as a time to make memories with the girls and get refreshed!

Last year I shared a list of 101 ways to embrace summer, including places to go, things to do, ways to make it intentional, etc. This year, I’m adding to that list with 101 more activities, crafts and recipes for your summer fun.

There’s no reason to try to accomplish all of these things this summer; just pick and choose a few favorites and start there!

1. Make a hot air balloon.

2. Make a butterfly feeder.

3. Build a drive-thru bike wash.

4. Set up an outdoor mud kitchen.

5. Make homemade butter in a jar.

6. Build a trash bot or styrofoam monster.

7. Have a zoo scavenger hunt.

8. Make electrical wire rings.

9. Learn to macrame.

10. And make friendship bracelets.

11. Make dancing fairy rings.

12. Make rock art necklaces.

13. Make an archery set.

14. Make a pine cone bird feeder.

15. Decorate flip flops.

beach mobile

16. Make a beach mobile.

17. Make a summer reading list.

18. Make a geoboard.

19. Make watermelon slushies.

20. Make a paper plate sundial.

21. Create a cool-off zone.

22. Make melted bead bowls.

23. Or melted bead suncatchers.

24. Decorate your lawn with flour.

25. Make bouncy balls.

26. Play outdoor tic-tac-toe.

27. Set up a tin foil river.

28. And make some handmade boats.

29. Make homemade spray paint.

30. Make paper plate frisbees.

31. Set up water gun targets.

32. Search for icy treasures.

33. Make tie-dye socks.

34. Upcycle tin cans into wind chimes.

35. Have an outdoor movie night.

36. Make daisy chain necklaces.

37. Make peg dolls.

38. Make butterfly sun catchers.

39. Make magic bean mosaics.

40. Make a magnifying waterscope.

pizza box solar oven
source: Kitchen Pantry Scientist

41. Build a pizza box solar oven.

42. Make DIY rain sticks.

43. Create a rainbow batik print.

44. Make a lava lamp.

45. Repurpose a soda bottle into a DIY sprinkler.

46. Play balloon ping-pong.

47. Make giant bubbles.

48. Or bouncing bubbles.

49. Make water balloon pinatas.

50. Make chocolate peanut butter pudding cups.

51. Preserve dead butterflies.

52. Have a treasure hunt in the sandbox (full post here).

53. Make a tabletop fairy garden.

54. Study how puddles evaporate.

55. Make miniature marshmallow shooters.

56. Make paper leis.

57. Create a raised salt painting.

make treasure stones
source: Impress Your Kids

58. Make treasure stones.

59. Sew beach towel tote  bags.

60. Make summer pinwheels.

61. Make shaped bubble wands from pipe cleaners.

62. Make rock candy.

63. Toast campfire s’mores.

64. Learn to finger knit.

65. Go fishing with bamboo fishing poles.

66. Make a jump rope from marker lids.

67. Build a DIY activity board.

68. Make fresh strawberry freezer jam.

69. Make garden hose water guns.

70. Make an ocean shapes mural.

71. Grow sunflowers.

72. Make your own fossils.

73. Grow a plant buddy.

source: Food For My Family

74. Make ice cream in a bag.

75. Have a sponge ball fight.

76. Make shrinky dinks.

77. Play with ice.

78. Learn to weave with branch weaving.

79. Make campfire cones.

80. Make plastic spoon puppets.

81. Write a book together.

82. Make bubble prints.

83. Make a soda can bi-plane.

84. Paint with flyswatters.

85. Make dancing oobleck.

86. Grill banana chocolate boats.

87. Create custom t-shirts with sandpaper prints.

88. Play velcro catch ball.

89. Make family stepping stones.

90. Build toilet paper roll race cars.

91. Make your own board game (and gum drop players).

92. Play with your shadows.

93. Build a waterfall water wall.

94. Make marshmallow animals.

95. Create permanent sand sculptures with sand clay.

96. Make ice cube boats.

97. Make a DIY twister mat on the grass.

98. Make root beer float popsicles.

99. Decorate popsicle stick bracelets.

100. Make a backyard obstacle course.

101. Make a summer scrapbook.


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