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20 Ways to Make Spelling Homework Fun {Homework Helps}

The following post is from Jennifer, a lifelong educator:

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With school now in full swing, homework needs to find its way back into many families’ routines. You can find tips to help you alleviate homework headaches, but let’s look specifically at ways to review those weekly word lists.

Two Keys for Spelling

One is understanding the sound patterns that combine to make the words.

The other is repeated exposure to help you remember which pattern matches which word.

The first step is learning that “oi” and “oy” both make the same sound. Next, you have to remember that joy uses one spelling pattern, and join uses another. Children benefit from working with words over time to help them remember which pattern fits which word.

20 Ways to Make Spelling Homework Fun

Here are some ideas to make the process more enjoyable:

1. Make rainbow words. Write the word with a pencil. Then, trace with a variety of colors.

source: Jennifer

2. After writing the word, use a highlighter on the vowels and another color to highlight the consonants.

3. Have your child give you a spelling test. Deliberately misspell some words and see if they can correct your mistakes.

4. Make volcano words by adding one letter to each line:


5. Use pipe cleaners or Wikki Stix to form each letter in the word.

6. Smooth out shaving cream on the counter. Use your finger to spell the word.

7. Have your child spell out the word on your back with their finger.

8. Flatten Play-Doh. Use a pencil point to make dot letters to spell a word.

source: Jennifer

9. Use your computer to record each word being spelled, and then write down the words when you listen to it later.

10. Look up the words on Listen to how each word is pronounced.

11. Purchase inexpensive alphabet stencils to write the words using fancy letters.

12. Spell each word three times each on the computer, using a different font each time.

13. Make a list of words that rhyme with the spelling word. Underline the parts that are spelled the same.

14. Use puffy balls, beans, or raisins to form each letter in the word.

source: Jennifer

15. Pull out your Scrabble game. Use the letters to make this week’s words. Add up the points to see which word is “worth” the most.

16. Highlight the words from your spelling list that you find in a newspaper or magazine.

17. Play Code Words. Print a picture of a phone keypad. Write down one of the numbers that corresponds to each letter. Your child can then give the codes to you or a sibling to decode. When finished, they have to check to ensure the words are spelled correctly.

18. Put the words in backwards alphabetical order.

19. If it’s warm out, write the words with colored chalk on the driveway.

20. Make up spelling songs to go with familiar tunes, such as “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” “Are You Sleeping,” or “Farmer in the Dell.”

What other ideas would you add to this list?

Jennifer is passionate about children and education. She homeschooled her two sons for five years, established and directed a Christian school in Maryland for 20 years, and currently teaches in a public school in a Chicago suburb. She loves investing in relationships and delights in every moment that she spends with her family.