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3 Things to Consider in Choosing a Moving Company

In our daily lives, we do our best in order to improve whatever we currently have. May it be in our work, career, lifestyle, family, and especially our home. We make sure that everything has been taken care of, that we provide the right amount of attention, and make sure that we give it our all. 

As a mom of one child and a wife to a loving husband, I make sure that whatever I do is for the improvement of our life and our home, so by the time my husband and I got our promotion, we decided that we can now afford to live in a bigger house, one that has our living room separated from our dining room, and have enough room for one more child. However, the location is pretty far from where we are now, though the new house will be near our office, I see that we will have a hard time moving all of our stuff from our current house to the new one. If you’re in a similar situation, consider looking into a long distance or interstate moving company. To take some of the stress out of moving find a moving company with Bellhops to help make the moving process simple and stress-free

The Movers

When moving my family from one house to another, there are a couple of things that I need to consider and we cannot just go ahead and have all our stuff be entrusted to some movers that we don’t know if they were efficient or legit. The moving company reviews offer the best service there is which makes me think that these are the factors that I was able to see when I choose the best movers and knew they were the right people for the job.

Tip #1: Check Legalities And Legitimacy

When I was choosing the right moving company I made sure that the company has the right legalities and they are legitimate documents. We don’t want all of our stuff to be stolen by some moving company that we are not sure if they have the right documents to do that job or business right? We have to make sure that everything is legal by document up to the last letter, otherwise, we may regret it in the end that we did not check that factor.

Image credits: Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

Tip #2: Consider The Equipment

I also checked if they have the correct equipment for the job, first is the size of the truck as it has to be on the right size in order for all your stuff to fit in without damaging any of them, the capacity of the truck has to be right, not too small but also not too spacious as your items might be damaged from all the turbulence along the trip. Check if the staff that will do the lifting do have the right equipment as well, do they have lifting gloves, hardhat for safety and if they wear a uniform with the company’s name on it.

Tip #3: The Customer Service

Yes, I know that moving and lifting household items is not a fun job, but hey! They are providing service and thus it is still considered customer service, so with that being said, they still have to provide the best customer service with a smile. This is what separates an ordinary service to exceptional service, by letting them make you feel that you are being helped by a friend and not just another worker, you will feel very comfortable with them taking your stuff into their truck and feel secure at the same time. This factor will definitely make you give their company a 5-star review for sure.

After The Move

Once everything is in place in our new home, I now finally feel that my husband and I have come a long way, making my family and our lives improve day by day, and of course, this change will not happen if not for the trustworthy moving company that provided you with honest and happy customer service. For more moving tips and information on finding reliable interstate removalists in Perth, see our website

Cover Image credits: Photo by Mike Bird from Pexels